POLL: What do you want from the DublinBikes system?

What do you want from the DublinBikes system? More bicycles and stations or electric bicycles via a personal battery pack you carry around for €60 extra per year?

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  1. I think a “semi-membership” might be a good idea. I’d been a member from the start but left it this year as I thought it was a bit cheeky increasing the fee hugely when I haven’t used it in almost a year due to working from home. For people living in the environs of town it’s a fantastic facility but even when I’m working in town, I commute by bike or Luas so don’t need it for that. I find it handy occasionally to get about town but still only use it about a max of 10 or 15 times a year, so I’d love a type of membership that is reduced cost but allows, say, 10 free rides but you pay per ride after that. Maybe have gold/silver/bronze type of accounts, where gold is like at present, unlimited free (for first 30 mins), silver=50 p/a, bronze=10 p/a.

    On the subject of the ebikes, I like the idea (for other people) but can see a huge market in second hand batteries picked up by opportunistic people after they’re forgotten and left in the bikes. I know myself I’ve lost a few books/bags after leaving them in the basket of the bike and walking off. It will be the modern version of kids checking phone boxes or vending machines for refunded money.

  2. Agree with everything Steve said.

    I’m disappointed that our Green minister for transport doesn’t seem to have made any initiative yet to increase the numbers of bikes and stations, not just around Dublin but also in the other cities with bike share schemes. Open to correction on that if there are plans in place, but I haven’t heard of any.


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