Cork City Council criticised for inaction on illegal parking on cycle lane, including by its own van drivers

Campaigners in Cork have said that they are exasperated by the lack of action against illegal parking on one of the city’s northside’s only cycle lanes — particularly from staff driving Cork City Council branded vehicles.

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The Cork Cycling Campaign highlighted the illegal parking on an up-hill cycle track on Mulgrave Road in the city. The location has been an illegal parking hotspot for years and the cycle lane was be protected last year, but Cork City Council has yet to install any protection on the cycle lane.

The Cork Cycling Campaign said: “One of the very few cycle lanes present on the Northside of the city and blocked pretty much everyday by illegally parked vehicles, including Cork City Council vehicles at times. Was meant to be segregated last year. It was then quietly removed from the segregation list.”

“We are calling on Cork City Council to install bollards or some form of temporary segregation without delay, to prevent this illegal behaviour from continuing, which places vulnerable road users in danger on this particularly busy and steep road. This simply isn’t good enough,” the group said.

Cork Cycling Campain added: “Our members who have been engaging directly with the Exec. within City Hall regarding this illegal behaviour — particularly from their own staff / branded vehicles — are exasperated with the lack of action here. Next step will be to involve the State’s Ombudsman if this isn’t resolved.”

Cork City Council have yet to respond to a request for comment.

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