Cork’s first quietway should filter out through traffic, campaigners say

Cork’s first quietway should include filtered permeability, which would remove through motor traffic, campaigns have said.

A quietway is the name given to a walking and cycling route away from main roads and streets where people cycling mix with motorists, ideally on low traffic and traffic calmed streets.

However, quietways in places such as London have not always worked out when through traffic is still allowed and the volume of traffic is not reduced enough to make the route safe and attractive.

Filtered permeability is a method of traffic reduction and rat-running removal mainly by placing a row of bollards or planners across a roadway to block people from driving through the road, while still allowing motorists to access all locations on both sides of bollards.

Details on the Knapp’s Square and Lower John’s Street Area Pedestrian and Cycle Measures project can be viewed on Cork City City Council’s website. Consultation ends this Friday at 4pm.

The Cork Cycling Campaign said: “We are supportive of Cork City Council’s plans for the creation of a ‘Quietway’ on John St.”

“However given the narrowness of the lane, we believe that a filtered permeability solution is the best option to both promote safe active travel and meet the needs of residents and business,” the group said.

The campaign said: “Filtered permeability would enable two way driving and cycling while ensuring that through traffic is directed towards the Mallow Rd and Mulgrave Road. Cork already has filtered permeability solutions and they are recommended in the Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy.”

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