WATCH THE TRAILER: Dublin bicycle theft features in new “magical-realist action comedy” film

The film’s makers describe it as part investigative thriller, part heist, and part magical-realist action comedy… but, one way or another, Dublin’s bicycle theft problem plays a staring role in the story and punch lines.

When he was jokingly asked if the trailer depicts a documentary, director of ‘Bicycle Thieves: Pumped Up‘, Conor O’Toole said: “Not gonna lie, a lot of this shite happened to me personally. The [broken] handlebars on the hill n all.”

He apparently got away lucky in the case of his handlebars breaking, but he wasn’t giving away much before the premier: “I got out of that pickle without a scratch, find out how on July 22nd.”

The official synopsis for ‘Bicycle Thieves: Pumped Up’ draws the following imagery: “Mags, a hot-headed pizza delivery cyclist who reckons herself to be entirely self-sufficient, is just about getting by during the property crisis in Dublin. When her bike is stolen and she loses her job, her eviction seems inevitable.”

The description continues: “With nowhere else to go, Mags must hunt down the thief who stole her bike and steal it right back. Mags must overcome her aversion to asking for help if she’s going to succeed, because this is no ordinary thief she’s hunting.”

The film premiers in person outdoors and online at the Galway Film Fleadh on July 22. The online option is geo-locked to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland only.


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