needs your support: Subscribe today is in the middle of our funding drive to become a reader-funded journalism website — monthly subscriptions will give our journalism a dependable base of support.

As mentioned before, there’s a relatively short timeframe to get this working or to move on to do something else.

...I'm sorry to disrupt you while you're reading this article, but without messages like this,'s reader-funded journalism won't survive. With nearly 1/2 million views and 300k readers so-far this year, it's not just people who are dedicated to cycling that this website reaches. However, the number of subscribers is around 0.6% of readers. While having a large gap between readers/subscribers is standard for non-paywall reader-supported journalism, IrishCycle's journalism needs more support. Don't delay, support monthly or yearly today. Now, back to the article...

From the Dublin Inquirer to The Guardian to a range of podcasts, there’s loads of examples of the reader funding model working to support journalism. We just need enough of you readers to believe! has an average of around 15,000 readers per month. After a week of our funding drive, 133 readers have kindly become monthly subscribers, giving an average of around €7.50 each.

That’s 0.88% of readers who have become subscribers. At the current average, needs around 2-3% of readers to keep going.

If you can, please subscribe today via

It will help:

  • Keep free and open to all to have the widest react and impact.
  • Enable’s journalism to cover cycling, and related issues.
  • Promote best practices in infrastructure and cover when things go wrong.
  • Allow for the time needed to produce a mix of in-depth and shorter news and comment articles. For example, talk to more people, ask more questions, submit FOI requests etc.
  • Aim to source guest articles from a broad range of voices.
  • Fund a freelance budget and, hopefully, eventually a second member of staff.
  • Seek to balance of coverage, ie more coverage outside of Dublin and about different issues.

Thank you very much to all subscribers so-far and to those who are planning to subscribe!

Thank you,

Cian Ginty

Editor, IrishCycle.con

...That's the end of the article. Keep scrolling if you want to the comments, but *NEEDS* readers like you to keep it that way. It only requires a small percentage of readers to give a bit each month or every year to keep's journalism open to all. Thank you.


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