1980s Basso Loto to be auctioned to fund children’s bikes for Christmas

— The Bike Hub also looking for donations of suitable bicycles.

A 1980s Basso Loto bicycle, loaded with Campagnolo parts, is being auctioned by The Bike Hub in Dún Laoghaire to fund parts for children’s bicycles for Christmas.

The Bike Hub said that 100% raised will go into parts and accessories for the children bicycles for Christmas.

“While we remain distributing ‘big bikes’, we are starting a year-end campaign focusing on kids’ bikes that might pass as a gift from the guy that likes to wear red. Please email photos of available bikes to upcyclers@thebikebub.ie. We will identify new owners via schools,” said The Bike Hub.

They said: “To fund this campaign, we’re launching the auction of this gorgeous 1980’s Basso Loto full of Campagnolo goodies. The bike is on our counter for inspection and will be sold by the first week of December to the highest bidder.”

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