Donegal council to link Castlefin town with cross-border greenway

Donegal County Council is looking at three possible options to link the cross-border routes starting at Lifford to the town of Castlefin.

As reported earlier this year, the 3.5km route between Lifford to Strabane is advancing as part of the planned wider cross-border network.

The three options between Lifford and Castlefin are: Running on one side of the N15, running on the other side, or running away from the road, between the N15 and River Finn.

All options would be mainly made up of a three-metre wide greenway in rural areas but would switch to one way shared paths of around 2 metres in urban areas. The options along the road include a 2 metre horizontal buffer between the roadway and the planned greenway.

Details can be found on the council’s website and the council are seeking comments by 5pm on Wednesday, January 5 2022.

IMAGE: An example cross-section.

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