Councillors to be presented with report on Belmont Avenue to tackle rat running

— Officials hope some traffic calming could be implemented by March or April 2022.

NEWS IN BRIEF: Dublin City Council officials expect to have a report on the public consultation for the Belmont Avenue traffic calming scheme finalised by the end of this month, and to present it to South East area councillors soon afterwards.

Option 1 put forward at the public consultation stage made a short section of Belmont Avenue, from the Sandford Road end of the street to Belmont Gardens one-way for motorists, with a contra-flow cycle lane for people cycling.

Option 2 includes filtered permeability at the Sandford Road end the street, which means that all of Belmont Avenue would remain two-way, but access would be limited to walking, cycling and emergency access at the Sandford Road end.

Both options would allowed for motoring access to all houses and in both options the Donnybrook Road end of the street would remain two-way for local access.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Dublin City Council have engaged with a consultant to prepare a report to prepare a post consultation report. This report is not yet finalised. Once the report is finalised it will be presented to the South East Councillors. We are hoping that the report will be finalised by the end of February 2022 and would hope to implement some traffic calming intervention in March / April 2022.”


  1. Either option would improve the quality of my life, twice a day. It’s unworkable pretending that that road can be two-way for motorised traffic.

  2. I would like filtered-permeability at one end of my road (Nutley Road, Donnybrook) to inhibit illegal L-turns into it from off Nutley Lane in the morning rush-hour. Although the illegal turn is properly signed and timeplated hoards of drivers ignore it simply because Garda do not detect/enforce. We are a rat-run into a 30 km/h zone. but very few drivers keep below the limit.
    I spoke some years ago to a local Cllr and he said it would be a non-runner because it needs a plebiscite of residents.
    On-line, I asked DubCity for it to be a COVID19 measure, but heard nothing back.
    How do we progress rat-running mitigation measures?
    I have a suspicion that the Traffic Division likes rat-runs because it takes the pressure off junction over-capacity to some extent – dissipates it locally.


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