Clonskeagh-Ranelagh-city centre cycle route was due to start in 2021, now more public consultation due at the end of 2022

Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority is to hold another non-statutory public consultation on the Clonskeagh to City Centre, which less than four years ago was due to start construction last year.

As this website reported in November 2019, a briefing note to councillors from the National Transport Authority at the time said: “It is intended that the design work on this scheme will be substantially advanced during 2020 with the objective that construction of Phase 1 of the route will begin in 2021 – Phase 1 is from the City Boundary via Ranelagh to the Canal. Phase 2 is from the Canal to City Centre which will be delivered in 2022.”

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In the same article, Patrick Costello (Green Party), who was then a councillor at the time and is now a TD, said: “When I was first elected in 2014, I started looking for improvements for walking and cycling in Ranelagh…. At that time I was told plans were already in development. In between then and now is a sorry saga of delays, withdrawn funding, and a failure by government to invest in walking and cycling in Dublin…. It is disappointing that the Ranelagh side will have to wait until 2022.”

In September 2020, there was conflicting images released to councillors showing car parking inside and outside the cycle track in Ranelagh.

Despite on-going illegal parking issues in Ranelagh and along the route, the designs images showed use of the National Transport Authority’s preferred stepped up cycle track design, which is viewed as medium or light segregation which is unsuitable for areas of high parking demand.

The latest update on the route was included in the latest edition of a monthly report presented to councillors by Brendan O’Brien executive manager for the council’s transport section, and John W Flanagan, assistant chief executive and city engineer.

The report outlined that on the Clonskeagh to City Centre that the NTA Cycling Design Office commenced work on the project in late October [2021].

It said: “A project inception meeting was held between DCC, NTA and CDO to agree the scheme extents, key personnel, and project schedule. Arising from this, it is anticipated that the design will be progressed to allow non-statutory public consultation to commence in Q4 2022.”

It added: “To date, all relevant background documentation and previous studies have been issued to the CDO. The CDO has commenced a review of this documentation.”

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