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How cycle paths can be used by emergency services

In a few IrishCycle.com articles recently we used examples of emergency services using cycle paths to bypass traffic congestion. Here’s a collection of the examples this website has used already and new clips people have shared:

Paris: This 1 minute long clip includes a compilation of examples of how high-quality cycle paths can be designed with sufficient width to allows cycling infrastructure to help, not hinder police, fire services and ambulances:

Dublin City: Gardai (Irish police) using segregated a wide unidirectional cycle lane in Dublin:

Paris: In the film ‘Notre-Dame Brûle’ firefighters are depicted as quickly arriving on the scene despite the traffic jams thanks to the cycle path along the Seine which had just been completed. This is based on accounts from firefighters of what happened when Notre-Dame was ablaze:

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Co Dublin: There are a few examples from the two-way cycle paths on the DLR Coastal Mobility Route where emergency services have used the cycle path, including:

London: The two-way cycle paths in London are also ideal to provide emergency access:

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