Rathfarnham and Templeogue residents can vote for funding for Traffic School for children

Residents of Rathfarnham and Templeogue are being asked by South Dublin Council Council to choose between a number of projects to get a share of €300,000 in funding, including a Traffic School that school children could visit.

The ‘Learn to Cycle Track’ would be placed in Tymon Park. The council said it would “Create a learn to cycle safely track within Tymon Park where children can learn to cycle in a safe and protected environment.” It would cost €100,000.

At haveyoursay.southdublin.ie, residents can choose this and a combination of other projects such as playgrounds up to a combination of €300,000.

There used to be an old Traffic School — aka traffic park or traffic garden — in Fariview in Dublin and Dubin City Council indicated in 2019 a wish to reopen it.

In the meanwhile, earlier this year, Waterford City and County Council opened what it called Ireland’s first “learn to cycle’ park:

The only other cycling-related option on offer for South Dublin Council residents to vote is a €5,000 bicycle pump in Templeogue Village which the council describes as a “bicycle pump machine in Templeogue Village for the cyclists who pass through the village.”

IMAGE: ‘Traffic Garden’ for children to learn to cycle in Utrecht.

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