What’s the story with the Strand Road cycle route court appeal?

Dublin City Council is currently in the Court of Appeal appealing a High Court ruling issued last year in favour of Sandymount resident Peter Carvill and Cllr Mannix Flynn (independent) who objected to the six-month trial implantation of the Strand Road cycle route.

The planned two-way cycle path would have replaced a traffic lane and made the road one-way, much like the DLR Coastal Mobility Route between Blackrock and south to Sandycove.

Before work was started on the Strand Road project, Carvill and Cllr Flynn went to the High Court and said the council was acting beyond their powers, the High Court Judge agreed with them. Dublin City Council is appealing this and they maintain that implementing the cycle route would be within the law.

What’s happened so far?
You can read a court report outlining an overview of what happened in the case yesterday (Wednesday, June 15) on breakingnews.ie and today (Thursday, June 15) on Independent.ie

What’s next?
According to the court report on Independent.ie, the court is “directing that Brendan O’Brien, head of the council’s technical services, environment and transportation department, swear a new affidavit in relation to each decision made about the cycleway trial plan.” Cllr Flynn will be allowed to provide a replying affidavit.

When will we know the results?
Today the case was put in for mention at the end of next month. The appeal court judges might then give an outline of when they might rule.

ForJudges to affirm a ruling or overrule the High Court Judge is fairly serious business, so, it might take some time for a ruling or written judgment.


UPDATED: This article was updated to reflect that the case was updated and that the Judges were seeking further information.


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