Here’s how walking and cycling funding was spent and underspent in 2021

DATA: You can check the below spreadsheet to see how walking and cycling funding was spent — or underspent — in your area in 2021.

The spreadsheet was released by the National Transport Authority under Freedom of Information legislation. requested “a breakdown of the €309,216,333 walking and cycling infrastructure funding offered to councils via the NTA in 2021 covering an outline of each project which (1) received a funding allocation and (2) which project funding was used for or not.”

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AOI = “Additional Outdoor Infrastructure” which was part of the Government’s Covid Response in 2021.


  1. Great work Cian! And it is instructive to look at the various Councils and the allocations and spend.
    But I know this might be jumped on by anti active travel groups, and I am sure these monies will no doubt be spent as the Active Travel teams gear up. We need to encourage them!


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