Trial of electric bike lending for Dublin City Council staff after success elsewhere

Dublin City Council has started a trial of an electric bicycle loan scheme for staff — similar schemes for staff, such as at University College Cork (see below), have led to people switching from cars to ebike.

For now, the scheme is available for Environment and Transport Department staff, while in Cork the university has the scheme open to its 2,700 staff members.

The council’s Monthly Management Report for November said: “The Environment and Transport Department are trialling an e-bike loan scheme for staff to encourage more staff to cycle to work. While electric bikes make cycling accessible to a broader group of people they are expensive to buy.”

“This scheme gives participants the opportunity to take an e-bike home and try using it for various journeys for a month to see what it’s like to own one. For participants interested in buying an e-bike at the end of the scheme, they are available through the Cycle to Work Scheme,” the council said.

A range of electric bicycles are being provided for council staff by bike hire company Bleeper.

Bleeper said: “We delivered a batch of e-bikes to Dublin City Council as part of an initiative which enables council staff to trial an e-bike for cycling to work. And all delivered by bike too, of course!”

The company said: “We’re supplying a range of #ebikes for this project, including models from Rad Power Bikes and Bimas Bikes. The orange bike in the photo is a Tern Bicycles GSD – an electric longtail cargobike which operations staff use for pulling trailer loads of Bleeper bikes around Dublin.”

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