Dublin City Council still “facing challenges” to hire active travel staff

Dublin City Council has said it is still “facing challenges” to hire new walking and cycling staff.

The city launched its Active Travel Network on October 14. But hiring staff to plan the projects which will be a part of the network has been a bit of a struggle as councils across Ireland looked to fill the positions on their Active Travel teams at the same time.

Back in August, IrishCycle.com reported how Dublin City was among the councils with the least amount of positions filled compared to the allocated funding (26 of 55 positions). Dublin City Councils’s Monthly Management Report for November gave no update on the numbers employed since but it said the council was in the process of hiring Cycling and Walking Officers and supervision staff to manage projects going to construction .

Senior council officials also complained about how there was no extra allowance for engineering or other staff in Dublin when staff in rural areas are on the same pay rates.

The Monthly Management Report said: “The Active Travel Programme Office is facing challenges to increase staff resources. Notwithstanding this, recruitment is currently underway for Cycling and Walking Officers.”

The report said: “Additional site supervision staff to manage projects going to construction are expected in November. The office continues to engage with our Human Resources section on the recruitment of additional personnel.”

“Thirteen interim walking and cycling schemes are currently underway in various stage of progression. Two of the schemes were put out on non-statutory public consultation in October. In addition, tenders were received for the installation of the outstanding interim measures on the Liffey Cycle Route,” said the Monthly Management Report.

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