Liffey Cycle Route protest cycles to be re-started calling for continuous route

— Protest cycle planned for Sunday, April 2.

In December 2010, councillors in Dublin voted as part of. Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017 for a continuous cycle route along Dublin’s quays within the time of the plan. Fast forward 12 years, and while there’s been major upgrades to the quays, it still falls far short of a continuous route.

That’s why the Dublin Cycling Campaign are re-starting its family-friendly protest cycle — the campaign said: “This protest is calling for the urgent delivery of a continuous Cycle Route along the Liffey to help solve the traffic chaos gridlocking our streets.”

Pre-Covid there were regular protest cycles calling for action. Councillors twice baulked proposals for continuous route options which required taking cars from sections of the north quays. Just before the Covid restrictions were put in place in 2020, the choice was made by councillors to instead implement the interim Liffey route scheme and plan for a longer-term scheme. The interim project is still a work in progress.

Last December, was the first to report that the estimated cost of the permanent Liffey Cycle Route has spiralled to “above €100m” so that cars can stay on quays. After that, Dublin City Council’s chief executive Owen Keegan told The Irish Times that the “gold-plated scheme” with boardwalks was unlikely to ever go ahead and that traffic management proposals would have to be revisited.

“The Quays regularly carry over 1,000 cyclist per hour at peak times. The route suffers from significant air pollution and a lack of continuous protection for cyclists,” the campaigners said.

The group added: “The next Liffey Cycle protest takes place on Sunday 2nd April. Get on your bike and join us as we cycle en masse along Dublin’s Quays to demand a safe Liffey Cycle Route. Cyclists of all ages and abilities are welcome to join us for this family-friendly demonstration in support of safe cycling in Dublin.”

The campaign said that the cycle will take in a loop of the Liffey Quays, turning at Frank Sherwin Bridge, before cruising down the North Quays finishing up again at Grand Canal Square.

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