The walking and cycling projects funded in 2022: List of spending by Irish councils

Below is the spending, sorted by area, on Active Travel and related projects by Irish councils in 2022.

This is a companion article to the main article published yesterday.

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As outlined yesterday, the funding mentioned in this article is allocated to councils by the National Transport Authority. It does not include spending on rural greenways, which is allocated by TII and makes up most of the remainder of €360m per year promised in the Programme for Government.

The allocations range from footpath renewal works to major projects. It also includes design, planning and building funding for different stages of projects — so, if funding was spent on design work in 2021 you might see the same project listed in 2022 for building cost. For larger projects, the allocations for construction can also be made over a number of years.

Spending in the millions generally represents larger projects while smaller amounts can be a mix of small-scale work on the ground (ie footpaths or quick-build cycle routes) or design/planning work.

It includes the 2022 allocation as well as carryover funding from an underspend in previous years.

There are some projects which are not Active Travel projects but rather from the legacy Sustainable Transport Management Grants (STMG) and others which are mainly roads or other projects where the walking and cycling elements of those projects are funded.

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Council areas which include cities

Dublin City Council

DCC/12/0033Fairview to Amiens Street Cycle Route14,300,000
DCC/19/0004Belmayne Main Street and Belmayne Avenue Bus and Cycle Scheme9,000,000
DCC/22/0008End of Life Footpath and Pavement Asset Renewal5,850,000
DCC/18/0001Dodder Greenway Herbert Park4,500,000
DCC/18/0009South Grand Canal Cycle Lane Improvement Scheme4,000,000
DCC/21/0038City Centre Pedestrian Crossings3,000,000
DCC/12/0008Liffey Cycle Route2,850,000
DCC/22/0006Active Travel Office – Staff Costs2,500,000
DCC/22/0007Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures2,500,000
DCC/21/0010Glasnevin to Clontarf Rd Cycle Scheme2,050,000
DCC/14/0013DPTIM Civil Interventions1,525,000
DCC/21/0037Dublinbikes Hybrid Pedelec Upgrade1,500,000
DCC/17/0008Fitzwilliam Cycle route1,250,000
DCC/20/0002Protected Cycle Facilities1,250,000
DCC/12/0007Royal Canal Cycle Route Phase 3 (North Strand Road to Phibsborough Road)1,100,000
DCC/13/0014Royal Canal Cycle (Phibsborough to Ashtown)1,100,000
DCC/16/0003City Centre Study Proposals – Initial Schemes1,000,000
DCC/19/0006Finglas Pedestrian Improvements900,000
DCC/21/0032Walking and Cycling Plan (5 year) – Surveying works845,000
DCC/19/0003S2S East Coast Trail – Sean Moore Road (South)650,000
DCC/13/0019Cycle Parking640,000
DCC/12/0016Finglas Village Improvements600,000
DCC/18/0002Point Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge505,000
DCC/21/0034Non SRTS Schools500,000
DCC/19/0007Grangegorman Toucan Crossings450,000
DCC/12/0018The Point Junction Improvement Scheme350,000
DCC/12/0024Grand Canal Cycle Route350,000
DCC/12/0035Dodder Cycle Route350,000
DCC/16/0006College Green Plaza Development350,000
DCC/22/0005Greater Dublin Area Traffic Control Centre350,000
DCC/12/0006Newcomen Bridge Cycle Scheme300,000
DCC/14/0001Clonskeagh to City Centre Cycle route300,000
DCC/17/0002Asset Renewal Cycle Road Markings300,000
DCC/17/0003Asset Renewal Bus Priority Road Markings300,000
DCC/21/0007Kilmainham to Thomas St Cycle Scheme300,000
DCC/21/0036AOI Measures (Dublin City)300,000
DCC/15/0006Lombard Street Contraflow Cycle Scheme250,000
DCC/18/0003Blood Stoney Bridge250,000
DCC/22/0034SCATS Region Upgrade230,000
DCC/22/0035LED Traffic signal upgrade210,000
DCC/16/0005Luas Cross City- Associated Traffic Changes200,000
DCC/19/0001Suffolk St Pedestrian and Cyclist Improvement Scheme200,000
DCC/19/0002S2S East Coast Trail – East Wall Road (North)200,000
DCC/21/0001Finglas to Killester Cycle Scheme200,000
DCC/21/0033Cycle Facilities – Capital Investment and Asset Management (Road Sweepers and Other Plant)200,000
DCC/22/0009College Green – Urban Realm Improvement Works200,000
DCC/15/0003Fibre Optic Connection to Garda Control Centre159,747
DCC/19/0008Grangegorman to Kevin Street pedestrian and cycle scheme150,000
DCC/22/0033Cycling for Everyone150,000
DCC/20/0005Balbutcher Lane Junction Reconfiguration125,000
DCC/17/0001Bus Lanes North and City Quays (Bachelors, Aston, Wellington etc.)107,679
DCC/12/0025Heuston to Chapelizod Greenway100,000
DCC/17/0004Provision of cycle parking in schools100,000
DCC/18/0011Cycle Safe Intersections100,000
DCC/22/0010Active Travel Programme Cost Monitoring and Reporting100,000
DCC/22/0016Dalymount to Cabra Cross Cycling and Walking Scheme100,000
DCC/22/0028Parnell Square to College Green Cycling and Walking Scheme100,000
DCC/22/0029Stephen’s Green to Patrick Street Cycling and Walking Scheme100,000
DCC/22/0030Royal Canal Bank to Dorset Street Cycling and Walking Scheme100,000
DCC/12/0005Royal Canal Cycle Route (Phase 2)90,000
DCC/12/0009S2S Pedestrian / Cycle Scheme (Clontarf)88,902
DCC/21/0002Parnell St to Prussia St (via Grangegorman) Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0003Bolton St to Parliament St Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0004Amiens St to Georges / City Quay Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0005Prospect Way Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0006Chapelizod Rd to Chapelizod Bypass Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0008The Coombe to College Green Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0009Coolock to Clontarf Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0011Santry River Greenway50,000
DCC/21/0012Naas Rd to Inchicore Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0013Harcourt St to South William St Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0014Grangegorman to Thomas St (via Queen Street) Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0015Grand Canal to the Liffey (Grand Canal Greenway upgrade)50,000
DCC/21/0016Grand Canal to Lincoln Place Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0017Ringsend to College Green Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0018Stephens Green to Thomas Street Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0019Raheny to Kilbarrack Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0020North Circular Road Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0021Drumcondra to Parnell St Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0022Rathmines to Milltown Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0023Howth Road – Baldoyle to Fairview Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0024Wicklow St to College Green Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0025Camac Greenway (Inchicore to Kilmainham)50,000
DCC/21/0026Tolka Greenway (Fairview to Mobhi Rd)50,000
DCC/21/0027Harold’s Cross to Ballymount Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0028Cabra to Blanchardstown50,000
DCC/21/0029Chesterfield Avenue to Farmleigh (OPW – Phoenix Park) Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0030Chesterfield Avenue (OPW – Phoenix Park) Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/21/0031Bayside to Donaghmede Cycle Scheme50,000
DCC/22/0024City Quay to Harcourt Street Cycling and Walking Scheme50,000
DCC/13/0001St. Stephen’s Green Traffic Management35,968
DCC/13/0002Lincoln Place, Merrion Street and Westland Row Area Traffic Management31,578
DCC/13/0029Rialto Area Improvement Scheme21,936
DCC/13/0004Camden Street, Wexford Street and Aungier Street Area Traffic Management16,722
DCC/13/0030Custom House Quay Contra Flow Bus Lane13,714
DCC/22/0011Donahies to Clonshaugh Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0012Clarehall to Belmayne Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0013Dollymount to Kilbarrack Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0014Whitehall to Artane Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0015Beaumont Hospital Link Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0017Eden Quay to Dorset Street Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0018East Wall to North Wall Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0019Chapelizod to Walkinstown Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0020Terenure to Kimmage Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0021Rathgar to Ranelagh Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0022Kilmainham to Ballsbridge (South City Loop) Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0023Donnybrook to UCD Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0025Trinity to Ballsbridge Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0026Mercer Street to Fitzwilliam Street Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0027Christchurch to George’s Street Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0031Finglas Road to Finglas Village Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/22/0032Santry to Poppintree Cycling and Walking Scheme10,000
DCC/13/0023Chapelizod By Pass Bus Lane Scheme2,240
DCC/17/0006Park Lane/ North Wall Quay Junction Improvements1,543
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

DLRCC/19/0007Blackglen Road Improvement Scheme10,704,000
DLRCC/22/0014Sea to Mountains School Travel Routes2,550,000
DLRCC/19/0002Sandyford Cycle Route2,500,000
DLRCC/20/0005Sandyford Business District Cycle Routes2,000,000
DLRCC/21/0010Wyattville Road Cycle Scheme (Phase 2)1,850,000
DLRCC/20/0001Stillorgan Park Road Cycle Route1,500,000
DLRCC/21/0007Glenageary Road Upper Cycle Route1,500,000
DLRCC/21/0030Asset Renewal1,500,000
DLRCC/22/0002Park to Park and Mountains to Metals Active School Travel Routes1,200,000
DLRCC/22/0001Active Travel Office – Staff Costs1,150,000
DLRCC/19/0001East Coast Trail1,000,000
DLRCC/21/0027Safe to School – front of school works1,000,000
DLRCC/21/0039Myrtle Square & Convent Lane Greening1,000,000
DLRCC/22/0003Review of Covid 19 Measures975,000
DLRCC/12/0014Brides Glen to Shankill Cycle route and Footpath700,000
DLRCC/14/0005Sandyford to City Centre Cycle Scheme (Sandyford to Clonskeagh)700,000
DLRCC/21/0034Selected Green Schools Walkabllity Audits Infrastructure642,000
DLRCC/18/0003N11 – Brewery Road Safety Scheme600,000
DLRCC/21/0005Roebuck Road600,000
DLRCC/21/0028AOI Measures (DLRCC)600,000
DLRCC/21/0031Pedestrian Mobility Improvement works Sandyford Village560,000
DLRCC/21/0020Footways Improvement550,000
DLRCC/21/0025Parks Entrances550,000
DLRCC/21/0019Cycle Improvements & Greenways500,000
DLRCC/21/0003Barton Road to N11 (Completion of missing links)400,000
DLRCC/21/0004Monkstown Link Road (Carysfort Ave to TEK roundabout)400,000
DLRCC/21/0009Dun Laoghaire to N11 (Mounttown Road and Kill Avenue)400,000
DLRCC/21/0018Permeability links / Junction improvements for Cyclists400,000
DLRCC/21/0029Churchtown Road Lower400,000
DLRCC/21/0037Drummartin and Eden Park Safe and Quiet Streets300,000
DLRCC/22/0018Grange Road and Ballinteer Ave300,000
DLRCC/16/0003New Pedestrian and Cycle entrance to Belfield on N11 at NovaUCD270,000
DLRCC/18/0006Cherrywood Links250,000
DLRCC/21/0033Churchtown Road Upper250,000
DLRCC/21/0026Dundrum: Area Based Transport Assessment (ABTA)206,500
DLRCC/16/0007Cycle Parking Development200,000
DLRCC/20/0004Rochestown Avenue Improvement Scheme200,000
DLRCC/21/0002Cycle Protection200,000
DLRCC/21/0038Harbour Area Public Realm Improvements200,000
DLRCC/21/0008Newtownpark Avenue150,000
DLRCC/22/0004Leopardstown Road Cycle Lane Improvements150,000
DLRCC/20/0007Sandyford Cycle Route125,000
DLRCC/21/0012Taney Road to Stillorgan Road Cycle Route125,000
DLRCC/21/0036Pearse Drive Sallynoggin , Love Our Laneways Project120,000
DLRCC/21/0032Stepaside Cycle Route100,000
DLRCC/22/0009Cherrywood to Sandyford Greenway76,000
DLRCC/22/0005The Bike hub project40,000
DLRCC/22/0022Cargo Bikes for Businesses Pilot Scheme40,000
DLRCC/22/0021Cycling Infrastructure Research Project37,760
DLRCC/21/0011Mount Merrion Avenue Cycle Route10,000

South Dublin County Council

SDCC/21/0002Dodder Greenway Section 4 – Springfield Ave & Dodder Road Lower4,510,000
SDCC/22/0001Avonbeg Road Cycle Scheme2,530,000
SDCC/20/0009Grange Road Phase 2 – Sarah Curran to Nutgrove2,370,000
SDCC/21/0001Dodder Greenway Section 3 – Paths and Green Spaces2,300,000
SDCC/22/0005SDCC Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures1,500,000
SDCC/22/0009SDCC Active Travel Office – Staff Costs1,158,485
SDCC/21/0010Templeville Road – Light Segregation Scheme1,000,000
SDCC/12/0004Dodder Regional cycle route650,000
SDCC/18/0005Canal Loop Greenway Feasibility Scheme500,000
SDCC/21/0008Castletymon District Centre Enhancement Project470,000
SDCC/21/0003Dodder Greenway Section 5 – Firhouse Rd, Butterfield Ave400,000
SDCC/21/0009D12 Bike Bus Route – Light Segregation Scheme400,000
SDCC/21/0013Cycle Parking400,000
SDCC/22/0006Sustainable Transport Asset Renewal 2022392,000
SDCC/21/0005Tallaght to Knocklyon Cycle Scheme formerly part of SDCC/12/0005355,000
SDCC/21/0007School Streets300,000
SDCC/21/0011Castletymon Rd – Light Segregation Scheme300,000
SDCC/22/0002Lucan Village Active Travel Improvement Scheme300,000
SDCC/18/0003Wellington Lane Cycle Improvements Scheme250,000
SDCC/13/0005Monastery road walking route160,000
SDCC/21/0017Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure100,000
SDCC/22/0012Esker Permeability Scheme100,000
SDCC/22/0008Airton Road Extension Active Travel Elements94,942
SDCC/12/0020N81 cycling, walking and bus facilities (Fortunestown to N82)50,000
SDCC/22/0013Killinarden Park and Greenway Scheme50,000
SDCC/22/0007Cycle Repair Facilities35,000
SDCC/21/0015Cycle South Dublin Website and Promotion30,000
SDCC/22/0003Tallaght to Clondalkin Cycle Scheme25,000
SDCC/20/0006N81 Integrated Transport Planning Strategy15,000

Fingal County Council

FCC/22/0005St. Cronins Road Rapid Build Active Travel3,428,957
FCC/21/0002Baldoyle to Howth2,950,000
FCC/20/0008Church Fields Link Road2,800,000
FCC/18/0003Snugborough Interchange Upgrade2,000,000
FCC/12/0001Broadmeadow Estuary Cycle & Pedestrian Bridge1,500,000
FCC/20/0006Selected Green Schools Walkability Audits Infrastructure1,500,000
FCC/22/0006Rathingle / Rivervalley Road Swords1,450,000
FCC/22/0012Seatown Road to Estuary Road (Swords to Malahide)1,225,000
FCC/22/0004Hartstown / Huntstown /Mountview Road1,100,000
FCC/22/0026Active Travel Office – Staff Costs1,100,000
FCC/18/0001Harry Reynolds Road Cycleway in Balbriggan1,000,000
FCC/22/0011Skerries – Harbour Road925,000
FCC/22/0014Balbriggan – Coney Hill From Devlin Bridge to Bremore Cottages925,000
FCC/22/0010R132 Ministers Road to Blakes Cross and Kilhedge Lane550,000
FCC/22/0009Permeability Links North County500,000
FCC/22/0015Rush – South Beach (Bawn Road across carpark and out to S Shore Road) New footpath and cycle path500,000
FCC/21/0001National Aquatic Centre (NAC) to Ongar Village400,000
FCC/22/0016New Street Malahide Improvement Scheme368,000
FCC/20/0004Bicycle Parking350,000
FCC/14/0001Royal Canal Cycle Route (12th Lock-KCC) (CN2) inc Deep Sinking Coolmine320,000
FCC/13/0001S2S Extension Sutton to Malahide310,000
FCC/21/0006Clonee to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre250,000
FCC/22/0020Balrothery Active Travel Review185,000
FCC/22/0001Castleknock to Dunsink Lane150,000
FCC/22/0030Station Road Portmarnock Footpaths and Cycleway136,200
FCC/20/0001Donabate Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge100,000
FCC/21/0004Donabate Hearse Rd/Main St/Portrane Rd (Link 1 & Link 2)100,000
FCC/21/0005Damastown to Clonsilla Cycle Route incl. N3 bridge100,000
FCC/22/0007Balbriggan Road, Mill Street and Drogheda Street100,000
FCC/22/0019Skerries Active Travel Plan100,000
FCC/22/0027Swords Cycle Network – Sustainable Swords100,000
FCC/22/0028Castleknock to Blanchardstown via Farmleigh50,000
FCC/22/0008Fingal Active Travel Strategy48,856
FCC/22/0018Data Collections for Active Travel projects35,000
FCC/22/0003Pilot E-Cargo Bikes with Fingal businesses24,293
FCC/22/0029R132 Junction upgrade design20,000

Cork City Council

CCC/17/0001McCurtain St Quarter PTI (CCMS Phases 3,4&5)6,545,000
CCC/20/0021Passage Railway Greenway Project (Phase 1)4,765,000
CCC/19/0009Grange Road to Tramore Valley Park4,000,000
CCC/20/0013Public Transport Asset Renewal2,750,000
CCC/21/0023Curragh Road Scheme2,260,000
CCC/21/0035South Douglas Road (Junction Improvement Scheme)2,200,000
CCC/21/0025Pedestrianisation – Automatic Bollards2,090,000
CCC/22/0017Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures2,000,000
CCC/20/0022Lehenaghmore Road1,980,000
CCC/20/0006Glanmire to Riverstown Greenway1,700,000
CCC/22/0018Active Travel Office – Staff Costs1,654,660
CCC/20/0025L2998 Upgrade of Dunkettle Road (Phase 1)1,570,000
CCC/21/0026Cycle Detection at signalised Junctions – Cycling support measure1,511,850
CCC/20/0001Skehard Road Phase III1,325,000
CCC/21/0028Active Travel – Multi Intervention & Pedestrian Crossings – Location Specific Projects1,100,000
CCC/21/0040Monohan Road Extension1,100,000
CCC/20/0011Beamish & Crawford Urban Regeneration1,000,000
CCC/21/0019Knapp’s Square Cycle / Pedestrian Upgrade1,000,000
CCC/21/0032New and Improved Walking Infrastructure linking Communities to Facilities/Services/Public Transport1,000,000
CCC/19/0006Ballyvolane strategic transport corridor project: North ring road to Ballincolly900,000
CCC/19/0003ITS Infra-structure review – Signal Controlled Pedestrian Crossing Audit725,000
CCC/21/0005Marina Promenade Pedestrian and Cycle facilities600,000
CCC/20/0002Pedestrian Safety Interventions580,000
CCC/21/0020Donnybrook Hill Pedestrian Upgrades550,000
CCC/21/0024Ringmahon Road Cycle Infrastructure500,000
CCC/22/0003Upgrade of Dunkettle Road, Phase 2500,000
CCC/21/0008Viaduct to City Cycle Route Phase 1 (Viaduct to Kinsale Road)495,000
CCC/21/0034Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure480,000
CCC/19/0010Ballybrack Pedestrian and Cycle Track400,000
CCC/20/0010Clarke’s Hill400,000
CCC/21/0013Airport Rd Cycle Lane Upgrades400,000
CCC/21/0022Kilcully & Upper Glanmire Pedestrian Improvement Scheme400,000
CCC/21/0021Douglas to Grange Bridge Cycle Route350,000
CCC/19/0007South Quays Public Transport Improvement scheme300,000
CCC/22/0016Model Farm Road Bridge280,000
CCC/21/0007Lee to Sea Cycle Route255,000
CCC/21/0006Coach Hill Pedestrian Improvement Works225,000
CCC/20/0009Passage Railway Greenway Project – Phase 2 – Mahon to Passage West200,000
CCC/20/0014Cork City Wayfinding200,000
CCC/21/0012Glanmire to City Cycle Route (Phase 1 – Village to Dunkettle roundabout)200,000
CCC/21/0014Mary St, Douglas Street & White Street Upgrades200,000
CCC/21/0016Blarney Village Cycle Route200,000
CCC/21/0017The Glen and North Ring Road Environs Sustainable Transport Improvement Scheme200,000
CCC/21/0029Additional Bike Parking Infrastructure200,000
CCC/20/0017SCOOT/Urban Traffic Control Review179,500
CCC/20/0007Southern Multimodal Corridor125,000
CCC/22/0007Glanmire to City Centre Phase 2 Cycle Scheme (Dunkettle to City)125,000
CCC/21/0004South Mall Cycle Lane120,000
CCC/15/0001Bus Surveys108,600
CCC/20/0018Curraheen Pedestrian & Cycleway Upgrade (Section 1 and Section 2)100,000
CCC/20/0020Northern Distributor Road Route Selection100,000
CCC/20/0023Half Moon Lane Upgrade Works100,000
CCC/21/0002Melbourne Rd and Donovan’s Rd to Glasheen Cycle lanes100,000
CCC/21/0003Victoria Rd to McSwiney Quay Cycle lane100,000
CCC/21/0010Docklands Junction’s (Public Transport Infrastructure Upgrades)100,000
CCC/21/0015City Centre Street Pedestrianisation Upgrades100,000
CCC/22/0014Rochestown Road to Douglas Cycle Scheme95,000
CCC/21/0027Automatic Cycle Lane Counting/Usage Monitoring System80,000
CCC/21/0030Driver Feedback Signs (residual requests)75,000
CCC/21/0039Kerry Pike Pedestrian Improvement Scheme75,000
CCC/22/0006Maglin Greenway Phase 175,000
CCC/22/0010Wellington Road Cycle Scheme60,000
CCC/22/0013Shanakiel/Strawberry Hill Cycle Scheme60,000
CCC/21/0001Western Road Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme50,000
CCC/18/0004Harley Street Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge40,000
CCC/22/0019Cooney’s Lane Pedestrian Improvement Scheme30,000
CCC/21/0009Monohan Road Extension25,000
CCC/20/0012Horgan’s Quay Cycle Lane16,500
CCC/22/0008Sarsfield Road to MTU Active Travel Scheme10,000
CCC/22/0011Bessboro to Mahon – Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme10,000
CCC/22/0009Sarsfield Road to Clashduv Road Cycle link7,000
CCC/20/0016Scheme Video Footage & Photography5,000
CCC/22/0012Kinsale Road to Tramore Valley Park5,000

Limerick City and County Council

LCC/18/0005Limerick Urban Centre Revitalisation – O’Connell Street (LUCROC)3,776,927
LCC/22/0003Metro Area – New Footpaths2,500,000
LCC/22/0001Active Travel Office – Staff Costs2,000,000
LCC/21/0004Dooradoyle to City Centre (Via Hyde Road)) Cycle Route1,660,000
LCC/22/0002Cappamore – Kilmallock MD – Minor Footpath Schemes1,640,000
LCC/22/0004Adare – Rathkeale MD – Minor Footpath Schemes1,150,000
LCC/22/0012Newcastle West MD – Minor Footpath Schemes1,150,000
LCC/21/0011Mill Road, Corbally Pedestrian and Cyclist Measures1,050,000
LCC/20/0007Childers Road1,000,000
LCC/22/0010Metro Area – Asset Renewal (Cycle Tracks and Greenways)1,000,000
LCC/22/0011Metro Area – Asset Renewal (Footpaths)1,000,000
LCC/22/0013Limerick Greenway Connections1,000,000
LCC/22/0014Limerick City and County Council Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures1,000,000
LCC/21/0010LIHAF Mungret Distributor Road – Pedestrian and Cyclist Measures (Part Funded)973,750
LCC/21/0017Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure845,000
LCC/21/0013Patrickswell Village Renewal Scheme – Pedestrian and Cyclist Measures750,000
LCC/22/0015Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes750,000
LCC/21/0038Barrow House Fit-out654,787
LCC/18/0002Raheen Roundabout to Quinn’s Cross R/B and Fr Russell Road Walking and Cycling Improvements550,000
LCC/22/0005Ballysimon Road Cycle Scheme500,000
LCC/22/0007Roxboro Road Cycle Scheme500,000
LCC/22/0008Ennis Road Cycle Scheme500,000
LCC/22/0016Low cost permeability measures500,000
LCC/20/0001Dooradoyle Road265,000
LCC/21/0002Mary Immaculate College to City Centre Cycle Route255,350
LCC/15/0001Dublin Road Bus Priority Scheme250,000
LCC/20/0016City Centre Bridges250,000
LCC/22/0006Cycle Parking / Security / Maintenance Equipment250,000
LCC/19/0003LIT & MIC to City Centre Cycle Route200,000
LCC/20/0003Clare Street to Condell Road Cycleway (Phase 1)200,000
LCC/20/0004UL to NTP Cycleway200,000
LCC/21/0001Father Russell Road Cycle Scheme200,000
LCC/21/0018Glin Village Footpath Improvement Works200,000
LCC/18/0003Castletroy Urban Greenway152,150
LCC/19/0002Milford Plassy Park Junction Improvements150,000
LCC/20/0005St Pauls Junction, Dooradoyle150,000
LCC/21/0025Kildimo Pedestrian Connection Works120,000
LCC/20/0002City Centre Traffic Management Plan100,000
LCC/20/0006Parnell – Wickham – Clare St Cycleway100,000
LCC/22/0020Askeaton – Station Road100,000
LCC/21/0030Caherconlish Footpath Improvement Works72,550
LCC/19/0005Rhebogue Road Rail Underpass – Pedestrian and Cycle50,000
LCC/20/0008Castletroy Link50,000
LCC/21/0012Ballycummin Road Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme50,000
LCC/21/0031Kilmallock Pedestrian Facilities50,000
LCC/22/0017Patricks Road – Bike Hub33,872
LCC/22/0018Cycle Infrastructure Research Project30,000
LCC/22/0021L1422 Blackabbey Road AT Scheme, Adare30,000
LCC/22/0019Ballycummin to R510 – Linkage of AT Schemes25,000
LCC/22/0023Quinn’s Cross Roundabout – Linkage of AT Schemes (R510 and Fr Russell Road)25,000
LCC/22/0022Limerick City Greenway Active Travel Extension to Castletroy Urban Greenway20,000
LCC/22/0009Old Cratloe Road10,000

Galway City Council

GCC/19/0001Salmon Weir Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge2,550,000
GCC/18/0004Ardaun Transport Study2,250,000
GCC/17/0001Galway City Centre Transport Management Plan1,500,000
GCC/20/0004Permeability Projects – Millars Lane1,000,000
GCC/22/0001Grattan Road to Barna Road Salthill Cycle Scheme – Temporary1,000,000
GCC/22/0005Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures1,000,000
GCC/22/0002Galway City Council Active Travel Office – Staff Costs900,000
GCC/21/0004Ballyloughane Road800,000
GCC/19/0002Pedestrian & Cycle Interventions700,000
GCC/21/0008Parkmore – Parkmore Road Package 1450,000
GCC/22/0006South Doughiska Road Cycle Network Scheme450,000
GCC/21/0015City Centre Active Travel Measures400,000
GCC/18/0001Dublin Road Transport Corridor350,000
GCC/19/0008Galway City Cycle Network – Stage 1350,000
GCC/19/0009Galway City Cycle Network – Stage 2350,000
GCC/20/0005Selected Green Schools Walkability Audits Infrastructure300,000
GCC/21/0011Parklets – Associated300,000
GCC/21/0006Galway Cycle Network West – Eglinton Canal275,000
GCC/20/0003Pavement and Road Markings Asset Renewal250,000
GCC/21/0007Pedestrian Walkway at Wolfe Tone Bridge250,000
GCC/22/0004Ballybane and Castlepark Cycle Network250,000
GCC/19/0006Bus Priority within UTMC242,000
GCC/21/0009Parkmore – Briarhil Package 2200,000
GCC/18/0002Greenway (City Centre to county – easterly)150,000
GCC/20/0006Fr Griffen Rd/Sea Road150,000
GCC/22/0003Clybaun Road Active Travel Scheme150,000
GCC/21/0013Clifden Railway Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge110,000
GCC/14/0009Access improvement Study – Parkmore Industrial Estate100,000
GCC/17/0002Galway City Traffic counts100,000
GCC/19/0007On-street Cycle Parking50,000
GCC/14/0007Tuam Road Bus Corridor project10,000
GCC/21/0003Silverstrand to City Centre Walking/Cycleway10,000
GCC/21/0010Parkmore – Parkmore Pedestrian & Cycle Links Package 310,000
GCC/21/0014Parking Survey Salthill10,000
GCC/22/0008Galway Cycle Bus Audit10,000
GCC/22/0009Access Control Audit10,000

Waterford City and County Council

WDCC/22/0011Waterford and Environs Urban Regeneration – North Quays (SDZ TM Construction Stage)27,200,000
WDCC/18/0001Bilberry to City Centre Improvement Works7,100,000
WDCC/21/0011Active Travel – Dungarvan & Lismore3,500,000
WDCC/20/0002Dock Road and Abbey Road Infrastructure Works3,000,000
WDCC/21/0015Comeragh Area Active Travel Programme – Incl. Portlaw, Kilmacthomas,2,500,000
WDCC/18/0002Transportation Proposals for Waterford City, North Quays SDZ2,000,000
WDCC/21/0013Active Travel – Metropolitan Village2,000,000
WDCC/20/0001Sustainable Transport Bridge1,247,000
WDCC/22/0008Active Travel Staff Costs1,100,000
WDCC/22/0007Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures1,000,000
WDCC/21/0017Traffic Signals Upgrades and Bus Priority400,000
WDCC/21/0009Waterford City Permeability Schemes350,000
WDCC/22/0003Farranshoneen Roundabout – Pedestrian and Cyclist Improvement Measures350,000
WDCC/21/0001Tramore Greenway205,000
WDCC/14/0002WIT to Waterford City Centre200,000
WDCC/21/0010Safe Routes To Schools Support Infrastructure200,000
WDCC/21/0014Dunmore East Active Travel200,000
WDCC/21/0012Tramore Active Travel Programme150,000
WDCC/21/0002Dunmore Road – Waterford Regional Hospital to the City Centre100,000
WDCC/22/0002City and County Cycle Parking100,000
WDCC/22/0005Tramore Ring Road and Newtown Pedestrian and Cyclists Scheme100,000
WDCC/22/0009Pedestrian and Cycle Improvement Measures – Duckspool and Clonea Road, Dungarvan100,000
WDCC/17/0001Inner Ring Road Bicycle Provision Design80,000
WDCC/21/0008Regional Bikes / JC Decaux Signs50,000
WDCC/22/0001Pedestrian and Cycle Counters20,000
WDCC/22/0004Pedestrian and Cycle Improvement Measures – Ringnasillioge, Dungarvan20,000
WDCC/22/0006Williamstown Road Walking and Cycling Scheme20,000
WDCC/21/0003Cork Rd to Cleaboy Rd via Keane’s Rd Cycle Scheme10,000
WDCC/21/0004John’s Park to the Folly Cycle Scheme (R708)10,000
WDCC/21/0006The Folly to City Centre Cycle Scheme (R708)10,000
WDCC/21/0007Ballinakill / Island Lane to City Centre Pedestrian and Cycle Route10,000

Other Greater Dublin Area council areas


KCC/13/0008Royal Canal Cycling (FCC border to Maynooth) inc. Railway -Canal – University Corridor Development4,000,000
KCC/22/0016Kildare-Newbridge MD Minor Footpath Schemes 20221,801,975
KCC/22/0018Non SRTS Schools Infrastructure – Derrinturn, Roberstown and Newtown1,510,000
KCC/22/0015Cycle Safety Improvements at Existing Signalised Junctions1,500,000
KCC/22/0005Dublin Road, Naas1,000,000
KCC/21/0011Kilcullen Road, Naas900,000
KCC/22/0002Active Travel Office – Staff Costs850,000
KCC/21/0001Sallins Village Traffic Management Measures and Cycle Scheme780,000
KCC/22/0009Monasterevin Cycle Network700,000
KCC/22/0006VRU Improvement Measures600,000
KCC/21/0002Maynooth Permeability Measures500,000
KCC/21/0007Craddockstown Active Travel Scheme500,000
KCC/22/0008Leixlip to Maynooth Interim Cycle Scheme500,000
KCC/22/0017Leixlip Permeability Links500,000
KCC/22/0020Blessington Road, Naas500,000
KCC/22/0012Newbridge Road, Naas370,000
KCC/12/0032North South Corridor Scheme – Maynooth (inc Footbridge)350,000
KCC/14/0001GDA Cycle Network Design in Naas – completion of design contracts for three routes300,000
KCC/17/0005Easton Road Green Lane Cycletrack, Leixlip300,000
KCC/20/0001GDA Cycle Network Design in Naas (Sallins)300,000
KCC/21/0003Celbridge Road, Maynooth250,000
KCC/21/0004Kilcock Road, Maynooth250,000
KCC/21/0013Celbridge Bridge200,000
KCC/22/0010Naas to Newbridge Inter-Urban Cycle Scheme200,000
KCC/22/0013Newbridge Main Street & Station Road200,000
KCC/21/0016BusConnects – Maynooth Town Centre156,682
KCC/22/0004Monread Road, Naas149,673
KCC/22/0003Athy College Campus to Southern Distributor Road, Athy142,774
KCC/21/0005Naas Permeability Measures (Monread Rd)100,000
KCC/22/0011Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures100,000
KCC/21/0018Clane – Maynooth MD – Footpath Infill & Asset Renewal Schemes 202159,444
KCC/22/0007Cycle Parking50,000


MCC/21/0001Navan 2030 Contract3 Kennedy Plaza Enabling Works3,800,000
MCC/21/0006Ashbourne: R135 Frederick St to Ballybin Rd3,400,000
MCC/22/0008End of Life Asset Renewal2,150,000
MCC/14/0001GDA Cycle Network Design within Meath towns, Scheme 1 – Proudstown Road to Trim Road – Navan1,000,000
MCC/22/0009Active Travel Office – Staff Costs840,000
MCC/22/0005Harlockstown Footpaths650,000
MCC/22/0020LDR4 Abbeylands Navan500,000
MCC/19/0002Navan Bus Route – Bus Stops495,000
MCC/14/0003GDA Cycle Network Design within Meath towns, Scheme 3 – Ratoath Town Network350,000
MCC/15/0001Navan Town Centre Traffic Management322,010
MCC/20/0003Selected Green Schools Walkability Audit Scheme285,000
MCC/20/0006Harlockstown Pedestrian and Bus Stop Improvement Scheme250,000
MCC/21/0004Navan: Circular Rd to Martha’s Bridge240,000
MCC/21/0005Navan: Poolboy Bridge to Blackwater Park235,000
MCC/22/0019Meath Pedestrian Crossings 2022231,000
MCC/22/0004Trimgate Street Pedestrianisation225,000
MCC/22/0003Academy Street Pedestrian Enhancement Scheme200,000
MCC/22/0006Bettystown Eastham Road Cycle Facilities175,000
MCC/22/0013Schools Infrastructure, Jim Brunnock Road Kells170,000
MCC/22/0014Kilcloon Traffic Calming Scheme160,000
MCC/12/0006Drogheda – Navan -Trim Cycleway150,000
MCC/14/0002GDA Cycle Network Design within Meath towns, Scheme 2 -Fairgreen to Johnstown – Navan150,000
MCC/21/0007Donacarney Footpath & Cycleway Scheme150,000
MCC/22/0007Bus Stop Improvement Works for Pedestrians & Cyclists135,000
MCC/22/0015Seafields Footpath Cycleway Scheme114,125
MCC/22/0010Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures100,000
MCC/19/0001Cycle Parking93,879
MCC/20/0008July 2020 stimulus package (Meath)90,000
MCC/13/0003Laytown Park and Ride75,000
MCC/22/0002Flowerhill Pedestrian & Cycle Scheme75,000
MCC/21/0008Dunboyne to Clonee Bus and Cycle Scheme70,000
MCC/18/0001Kentstown Road Rail Bridge & Laytown Railbridge Feasability Assessment60,000
MCC/15/0005Dunboyne Cycle Network50,000
MCC/20/0001Navan 2030 Contract 2: Bridge Street and Abbey Road Roundabout Upgrade50,000
MCC/22/0016Duleek Community Centre Footpath50,000
MCC/20/0004Pedestrian and Cycling Improvement Scheme, Milltown Rd, Ashbourne41,300
MCC/22/0011Newtown road, Trim, Walking Facilities40,000
MCC/20/0005HGV Transport Study – Navan30,000
MCC/22/0017Trim Castle Bridge Pedestrian Bridge Replacement25,000
MCC/22/0018N51/L3416 Junction Cycle and Pedestrian Facilities25,000


WCC/21/0024Active Travel3,350,000
WCC/21/0004Delgany Village to Mill Road750,000
WCC/22/0022Active Travel Office – Staff Costs740,500
WCC/11/0021Strand Road Cycle Track500,000
WCC/12/0007Bray DART Interchange500,000
WCC/22/0007Arklow South Cycle & Pedestrian Improvements500,000
WCC/18/0002Bray Bridge footbridges and tie-ins350,000
WCC/22/0002Ashford to New Developments (Urban) Footpath350,000
WCC/22/0008Priory Road Footpath300,000
WCC/22/0014Enniskerry Pedestrian Improvement Scheme250,000
WCC/22/0019Rapid Deployment Active Travel Measures250,000
WCC/21/0022Cycle parking provisions in Wicklow235,000
WCC/12/0009Wicklow Town port access route to Station Pedestrian Access220,000
WCC/21/0023Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure200,000
WCC/22/0004Ballyguilemore Footpath200,000
WCC/22/0013Kilcoole Road Pedestrian & Cycle Improvements200,000
WCC/22/0018Herbert Road Ashton Wood to Pedestrian Bridge185,000
WCC/22/0005Kilmalum Road-Naas Road Junction Improvement170,000
WCC/22/0011Glenart Pedestrian Link160,000
WCC/22/0015Killincarrig Village Enhancement Scheme150,000
WCC/22/0016Bellevue Hill Footpath150,000
WCC/20/0003Arklow Transport Study125,000
WCC/20/0004Greystones Transport Assessment125,000
WCC/19/0001Permeability Bray100,000
WCC/20/0001Bus Priority Little Bray100,000
WCC/20/0005Southern Cross VRU Improvements100,000
WCC/21/0001Putland Road100,000
WCC/21/0003Kilmacanogue to Bray Retail Park Greenway100,000
WCC/21/0016Bridge Street to Wicklow Port100,000
WCC/22/0003Convent Road One Way100,000
WCC/22/0012R761 Kilcoole Road Footpath100,000
WCC/22/0021Deerpark Road Cycle improvement100,000
WCC/22/0023Vevay Road / Sidmonton Road Junction Improvement100,000
WCC/22/0020Sidmonton Square95,000
WCC/21/0012Greystones Seafront to Kilcoole80,000
WCC/22/0017Powerscourt National School, Cookstown Road75,000
WCC/11/0004Arklow – Shillelagh Cycle Route (planning completion)50,000
WCC/14/0002Killarney Road Cycle Route (CN1)50,000
WCC/14/0003Vevay Road Cycle Route (CN2)50,000
WCC/20/0002Bray Public Transport Bridge Connection Phase 250,000
WCC/20/0010Convent Avenue to Vevay Crescent Permeability Scheme50,000
WCC/21/0002River Dargle Cycleway50,000
WCC/21/0010Blessington Main St to Deerpark50,000
WCC/22/0001Scalp Improvement Scheme50,000
WCC/22/0009Fernhill to Marian Villas Link50,000
WCC/20/0007Bray Bus Priority – Decongestion35,000
WCC/21/0013Lower Main Street, Tinahask Road & Dock Road to South Quay30,000
WCC/21/0014Old Ballymore Road30,000
WCC/22/0010PGAF Schools at Blacklion Manor_30,000
WCC/21/0007Dublin Road to Wexford Road25,000
WCC/21/0008Rathdown Road Cycle Scheme25,000
WCC/21/0009Arklow Main St to Train Station25,000
WCC/21/0017Sea Road to Train Station, Kilcoole25,000
WCC/22/0006Bray Harbour North to Woodbrook/Shanganagh25,000
WCC/22/0024Office Relocation25,000
WCC/21/0026AOI Measures (Wicklow)12,000
WCC/21/0005Rocky Road5,000
WCC/21/0011Wicklow Main St to Marlton Rd5,000
WCC/21/0021R772 Ashford5,000
WCC/22/0025Wicklow Town – Rathnew Transport Study5,000

County Councils

Cork County Council

CCO/22/0002Dunkettle to Carrigtwohill (Old N25) – Phase 3 – Dunkettle to Fitzpatricks2,660,000
CCO/22/0013Carrigaline TPREP – Soccer Club Road2,200,000
CCO/20/0010Little Island – Sustainable Transport Interventions1,700,000
CCO/20/0004Strategic Cycle Corridor (Old N25 Dunkettle/Carrigtwohill)1,645,000
CCO/21/0011Active Travel – Towns and Villages – Mallow1,471,000
CCO/21/0005Active Travel – Towns and Villages – Bandon1,435,000
CCO/21/0007Active Travel – Towns and Villages – Carrigaline1,370,000
CCO/21/0006Active Travel – Towns and Villages – Bantry1,316,000
CCO/22/0009Active Travel Office – Staff Costs1,215,845
CCO/22/0004Ballinacurra – Midleton Pedestrian and Cycle Route (Phase 1 Bailick Road Car Park to Broderick St)1,150,000
CCO/22/0001Carrigaline – TPREP Phase 1 Implementation1,050,000
CCO/22/0005Carrigaline – Ringaskiddy and Passage (Phase 1 Rafeen to Passage)1,000,000
CCO/21/0004Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure750,000
CCO/22/0003Cycle Facilities – Capital Investment and Asset Management (Road Sweepers and Other Plant)700,000
CCO/20/0005Strategic Cycle Corridor (Carrigaline – Ringaskiddy)600,000
CCO/20/0006Strategic Cycle Corridor – Ballinacurra – Midleton600,000
CCO/22/0012Dunkettle – Carrigtwohill (old N25) – Phase 4 – Railway Crossing to Carrigtwohill Station600,000
CCO/21/0014Active Travel – Towns and Villages – Skibbereen578,000
CCO/21/0009Active Travel – Towns and Villages – Fermoy539,000
CCO/21/0008Active Travel – Cobh500,000
CCO/21/0010Active Travel – Towns and Villages – Macroom500,000
CCO/21/0003Carrigtohill to Middleton410,000
CCO/21/0002Bothar Guidel Road Cycle lane400,000
CCO/22/0014Bandon TPREP Implementation Project – Phase 1 – Ballymodan Place400,000
CCO/21/0015Active Travel – Towns and Villages – Youghal368,000
CCO/22/0006Little Island – Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge270,000
CCO/22/0007Bus Stop Enabling Works200,000
CCO/22/0011Bothar Guidel Bridge200,000
CCO/21/0013Active Travel – Auxiliary lighting at zebra crossings190,700
CCO/22/0010Cycle Parking160,000
CCO/22/0008Crosshaven – Pedestrian and Cyclist Facilities150,000
CCO/21/0001Cobh Ferry to Train Station Cycle Route100,000
CCO/20/0003Ballinrea Road50,000


CL/21/0004Active Travel – Footpath Package B1,100,000
CL/21/0021Active Travel – Tulla Footpaths575,000
CL/21/0023Active Travel – Village Enhancement, Co-Creating500,000
CL/21/0014Active Travel – Dromandoora Walking/Cycling Infrastructure400,000
CL/21/0003Active Travel – Footpath Package A – Ennis370,000
CL/21/0011Active Travel – Killaloe Footpaths365,000
CL/21/0024Active Travel – Safe Routes to School Programme350,000
CL/21/0008Active Travel – Spanish Point Connectivity300,000
CL/21/0022Active Travel – Lissycassey Footpaths250,000
CL/22/0005Active Travel Office – Staff Costs250,000
CL/21/0030Active Travel – Pedestrian / Cycle Bridge Package230,000
CL/21/0019Active Travel – Quinn Village Footpaths202,531
CL/21/0009Active Travel – Ballycasey Close Green Area200,000
CL/21/0013Active Travel – Public Lighting – Ennis200,000
CL/21/0006Active Travel – Ennistymon/Lahinch Footpath Improvements185,000
CL/21/0005Active Travel – Miltown Malbay Footpaths150,000
CL/21/0012Active Travel – Pedestrian Crossings – Lisdoonvarna100,000
CL/22/0001Ennis Park & Stride100,000
CL/22/0002Ennis N85 Cycle Facilities100,000
CL/22/0004Ardnacrusha to Athlunkard Bridge100,000
CL/22/0010Low-Cost Permeability Measures100,000
CL/21/0020Active Travel – Kilrush Walking / Cycling Infrastructure 289,000
CL/21/0025Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes86,993
CL/21/0002Active Travel – Cycle Schemes – Ennis75,000
CL/22/0003Design of New Cycling/Walking Connectivity in Ennis75,000
CL/22/0009Light Segregation Cycle Schemes75,000
CL/22/0006Cycle Parking70,000
CL/21/0007Active Travel – Doolin Footpaths and Pedestrian Crossing59,671
CL/21/0029AOI Measures (Clare)50,000
CL/21/0015Active Travel – Kilrush Walking/Cycling Infrastructure 110,000
CL/22/0007Lahinch Cycle Lane10,000
CL/21/0010Active Travel – Shannon Banks River Walk5,000


CW/21/0001Active Travel – River Burren Walking & Cycle Track520,000
CN/22/0003Footpath Package A (Cavan/Belturbet)444,630
CN/21/0007Active Travel – Footpath Package C425,670
CN/22/0015R188 Ballyhaise Village Phase 2362,791
CN/21/0011Active Travel – Safe to Schools Programme – Support Structure350,000
CN/21/0014Active Travel – Low Cost Permeability Measures333,981
CN/22/0004Footpath Package B (Ballyjamesduff)306,604
CN/21/0009Active Travel – Cavan Town Land Use and Transportation Study283,862
CN/22/0008Active Travel Office – Staff Costs270,945
CW/22/0010Active Travel Office – Staff Costs270,000
CN/21/0003Active Travel – Footpath Package A208,542
CN/22/0017Keadue Lane – New Footpath & River Bank Stabilisation Works205,673
CN/22/0002R212 Ballyhaise Village Phase 1200,000
CN/22/0005Footpath Package C – Redhills, Cootehill, Shercock, Kingscourt, Bailieborough200,000
CN/22/0011R190/R191 Station Road, Cootehill – Design and Pavement Enabling Works200,000
CW/21/0004Active Travel – Tullow Road Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme200,000
CW/21/0010Active Travel – Transport Studies / Mobility Plans including Carlow Town200,000
CW/21/0002Active Travel – Hanover to Tyndall Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme190,000
CW/21/0007Active Travel – River Barrow Walk Permeability Link (Park Lane)175,000
CW/21/0013Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes170,000
CN/21/0013Active Travel – Light Segregation Cycle Schemes150,000
CN/22/0012Light Segregation Cycle Scheme A – Cavan Town150,000
CN/22/0013Light Segregation Cycle Scheme B – Cavan Town150,000
CW/21/0008Active Travel – Tullow Town Orbital Walking & Cycling Scheme (Phases 2 & 3)150,000
CW/22/0003Rathoe Road, Tullow150,000
CW/22/0008Ashgrove, Carlow150,000
CN/22/0010R154/R198 Crossdoney Village140,000
CW/21/0005Active Travel – Dublin Road Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme140,000
CW/21/0014Active Travel – Low Cost Permeability Measures136,000
CN/21/0005Active Travel – Cycle Schemes – Cavan Town135,584
CN/21/0004Active Travel – Cavan Town Urban Greenway Phase 2100,000
CN/22/0009Loreto Road – Drumlark to Drumgola Woods100,000
CN/22/0014L1513 Drumelis Footpath to Farnham N.S.100,000
CN/22/0016Pedestrian Crossing Package B – Virginia, Mullagh, Kilcogy, Arvagh100,000
CW/21/0015Active Travel – Safe Routes to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure100,000
CW/22/0002Mountain View Link, Hacketstown100,000
CW/22/0007Church Street, Graiguecullen100,000
CW/22/0004Fenagh Rd, Borris87,000
CN/21/0012Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes81,437
CN/21/0001Active Travel – River Blackwater Footbridge80,000
CN/22/0007Junction Tightening – Pedestrian Crossing Package C – New Road, Bailieborough70,000
CN/21/0015AOI Measures (Cavan)64,450
CW/21/0009Active Travel – New Footpath Schemes – Grange, Kildavin, Borris57,000
CW/21/0012Active Travel – Light Segregation Cycle Schemes55,000
CW/21/0011Active Travel – Muinebheag Railway Crossings Study52,500
CW/21/0006Active Travel – Staplestown Rd/Pollerton Rd Permeability Link48,000
CN/22/0006Pedestrian Crossing Package A42,107
CW/21/0003Active Travel – Green Lane/Railway Road Junction Improvement Scheme40,000
CW/22/0005Springfield Park to Green Road Walking & Cycle Track35,500
CW/22/0006Royal Oak Road, Bagnalstown35,000
CN/22/0001R198 Drumelis Footpath30,000
CN/22/0018Active Travel Programme Office Cost27,491
CW/22/0009Cycle Parking25,000
CW/22/0001George Semple Bridge, Tinnahinch20,000


DL/21/0004Active Travel – Letterkenny Cathedral One Way (Cathedral Road/ Convent Road-College Row /Sentry Hill1,130,000
DL/21/0020Active Travel – Dore, Bunbeg – new footpath with public lighting525,000
DL/21/0008Active Travel – Footpath Improvements Package A370,000
DL/21/0013Active Travel – New Footpath Package A: Falcarragh, Dungloe365,000
DL/21/0015Active Travel – New Footpath Package C330,000
DL/21/0007Active Travel – Ped/Cycle Bridge Package A325,000
DL/21/0017Active Travel – New Footpath Package E: Castlefin, Stranorlar, Ballybofey, Brockagh, Cross Village300,000
DL/21/0023Active Travel – Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure300,000
DL/22/0012R250 Fintown Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Linkage Scheme300,000
DL/22/0007Letterkenny Town Active Travel Schemes250,000
DL/22/0016Active Travel Office – Staff Costs210,000
DL/21/0024Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes200,000
DL/21/0014Active Travel – New Footpath Package B: Killea, Moville185,000
DL/22/0010Footpath Package 2022 B150,000
DL/21/0003Active Travel – Clady Bridge, Bunbeg (R-257-13)130,000
DL/21/0011Active Travel – Footpath Improvements Package D: Malin Town, Carndonagh120,000
DL/22/0001Cycle Parking120,000
DL/21/0016Active Travel – New Footpath Package D110,000
DL/21/0027Active Travel – Low Cost Permeability Measures100,000
DL/22/0005Ballyshannon to Bundoran Active Travel Scheme100,000
DL/22/0009Footpath Package 2022100,000
DL/21/0018Active Travel – Mill Brae, Stranorlar – new footpath and pedestrian crossings98,000
DL/21/0005Active Travel – Letterkenny: Rockhill Road Footpath Extension95,000
DL/22/0004Portsalon School to Carpark Footpath75,000
DL/21/0009Active Travel – Footpath Improvements Package B54,000
DL/22/0002Donegal Town One Way System50,000
DL/22/0006Pettigo National School Footpath50,000
DL/22/0008Culdaff Pedestrian Bridge45,000
DL/22/0003Old Laghey Road Footpath15,000
DL/22/0014Malinmore Footpath, Glencolmcille10,000

Galway County

GCO/21/0004Active Travel – Footpath improvement Package C845,000
GCO/22/0003Pedestrian Crossings500,000
GCO/22/0007Footpath Improvements Ballinasloe500,000
GCO/22/0013Footpath Improvements Tuam500,000
GCO/22/0006Footpath Improvements Loughrea490,000
GCO/22/0011Footpaths – Connemara South480,000
GCO/21/0002Active Travel – Footpath Improvement Package A – Ballinasloe Town460,000
GCO/21/0012Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing schemes – County Wide450,000
GCO/22/0009Footpath Improvements Countywide420,000
GCO/21/0006Active Travel – Footpath improvement Package E – Tuam415,000
GCO/22/0002Connemara North & Tuam415,000
GCO/21/0009Active Travel – Footpath Improvement Package H270,000
GCO/22/0001Active Travel Office – Staff Costs250,000
GCO/21/0017Active Travel -Access to Public Transport – Ballinasloe & Oranmore220,000
GCO/21/0005Active Travel – Footpath Improvement Package D – Athenry200,000
GCO/21/0001Active Travel – Cycle Parking180,000
GCO/22/0012Public Lighting for Active Travel Schemes -_Spiddal and Lackagh Village171,000
GCO/21/0007Active Travel – Footpath Improvement Package F – Barna, An Ceathrú Rua, Na Forbacha, Cill Chiaráin170,000
GCO/22/0004Selected Green Schools Walkabllity Audits Infrastructure165,000
GCO/21/0010Active Travel – New Footway Package A – Caltra, Glennamaddy Ardrahan, Ballindeereen & Garrafauns140,000
GCO/21/0003Active Travel – Footpath Improvement Package B – Ballinasloe Town100,000
GCO/21/0013Active Travel – Light Segregation Cycle Schemes100,000
GCO/22/0005Speeding Interventions and Signage90,000
GCO/21/0011Active Travel – Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure70,000
GCO/22/0015Public Lighting for Active Travel Schemes – Deerpark Industrial Estate, Oranmore67,000
GCO/22/0014Transportation Studies for Galway County48,000
GCO/21/0016Active Travel – Low Cost Permeability Measures20,000
GCO/21/0018Active Travel – Safety Intervention – Signage & other measures – Various locations countywide20,000


KY/21/0002Active Travel – Killarney Town – Interconnected network of cycleways, Rock Road704,835
KK/21/0017Active Travel – Bridge Street, Callan One Way500,000
KY/21/0011Active Travel Listowel Greenway Link450,000
KY/21/0015AOI Measures (Kerry)445,952
KK/21/0023Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes400,000
KY/22/0007Tralee Mall Phase 2394,065
KY/21/0016Active Travel – Ceann Tra Cycle and Walkway connecting the Village to the Beach368,064
KY/21/0001Active Travel Transport Mobility Plans for Tralee Killarney & Listowel350,000
KY/22/0003Tralee Island of Geese314,900
KY/21/0004Active Travel – Killarney Town – Interconnected network of cycleways, Gaelscoil road/Chestnut Drive300,000
KY/21/0013Active Travel – Footpath at Kilmurry Road, Kenmare300,000
KY/22/0001Active Travel Office – Staff Costs271,000
KK/21/0009Active Travel – City Demarcation & Gateways250,000
KY/21/0012Active Travel – Fpptpath at Sunhill, Killorglin216,438
KK/22/0001Active Travel Office – Staff Costs215,000
KY/21/0005Active Travel – Tralee Town – Interconnected network of cycleways, Bracker O’Regan Road200,000
KY/21/0010Active Travel Killarney Rock Road186,527
KY/22/0002Castleisland / Corca Dhuibhne – Pedestrian Improvements185,340
KK/22/0004Southern Environ Cycle Routes Improvements (Previously KK/21/0010)180,000
KK/22/0009Footpath Package B171,100
KK/21/0014Active Travel – Inner Orbital cycling Route165,000
KK/22/0002North Eastern Environs Cycle Routes Improvements (Previously KK/21/0010)150,000
KK/22/0003North Western Environs Cycle Routes Improvements (Previously KK/21/0010)150,000
KK/22/0005Vicar Street Improvement Study150,000
KK/21/0021Active Travel – Footpath development (various locations)145,000
KK/21/0004Active Travel – Public Lighting Improvements140,000
KK/21/0022Schools Programme – Non SRTS Infrastructure130,000
KY/22/0005Killarney – Pedestrian Improvements130,000
KK/21/0001Active Travel – City Centre Traffic Management Plan125,000
KY/21/0008Active Travel – Tralee Town – Junction upgrades125,000
KY/21/0009Active Travel – Flesk Walkway and Cycleway, Killarney123,866
KK/21/0008SRTS Safe School Zones105,000
KK/21/0027Active Travel – MacDonagh Junction New Ramp Link105,000
KK/21/0003Active Travel – Cootes Lane to Ring Road100,000
KK/21/0007Active Travel – Laneway & Street Network to West of City Centre100,000
KK/21/0012Active Travel – Linear Park Boardwalk & Greensbridge Upgrade100,000
KK/21/0015Active Travel – Ring Road Cycle Facility Upgrade100,000
KK/21/0016Active Travel – Ancillary Cycling Facilities100,000
KK/21/0026Active Travel – Footpath and Pedestrian Crossing at Mill Street100,000
KY/21/0006Active Travel – Tralee Town – Interconnected network of cycleways, Town Park100,000
KY/22/0006Listowel – Pedestrian Improvements82,500
KK/21/0019Active Travel – Flaggy Lane Callan70,000
KY/21/0003Active Travel – Killarney Town Interconnected network of cycleways, Deerpark road/Gaelscoil junction70,000
KK/21/0025Active Travel – Urban Mobility plans/Active Travel Network65,000
KK/21/0024Active Travel – Light Segregation50,000
KK/22/0007Watergate Urban Park Study50,000
KY/21/0007Active Travel – Tralee Town – Interconnected network of cycleways, Canal to Town Centre50,000
KY/21/0014Active Travel – Green Street, Dingle50,000
KK/22/0008George Semple Bridge Improvement Works Study25,000
KK/22/0006Goresbridge – Bridge Improvement Works Study20,000
KY/22/0004Kenmare – Pedestrian Improvements10,000


LD/21/0010Patfinder N63 Ballinalee Road350,000
LD/21/0015Active Travel – Ennybegs – Pedestrian and Cycle Facilities in 50KpH Zone linking Village to School330,000
LD/22/0001Active Travel Offices – Staff Costs287,668
LD/21/0005Pathfinder R198 Battery Road250,000
LD/21/0006Active Travel – Aghafad Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme, Longford Town200,000
LD/21/0007Active Travel – R392 Ballymahon, Pedestrian and Cycle Improvement Scheme200,000
LD/21/0008Active Travel – Granard, Market St to Barrack Lane, Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme200,000
LD/21/0011Active Travel – Light Segregation Cycle Schemes187,000
LD/22/0002Footpath on Cloone Road Drumlish122,000
LD/21/0009Active Travel – Granard, R194 Longford Road Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme120,000
LD/21/0003Active Travel – Harbour Row/Killashee Road Junction Improvement Scheme, Longford Town100,000
LD/21/0012Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening – Pedestrian crossing schemes100,000
LD/21/0014Active Travel – Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure100,000
LD/21/0002Active Travel – Longford Town Mobility Plan97,000
LD/21/0013Active Travel – Low Cost Permeability Measures90,000
LD/22/0003Completion of the Drumlish to Monaduff Shared Footpath Scheme35,000
LD/21/0004Active Travel – Royal Canal Permeability Links Study30,000


LH/21/0001Active Travel – Drogheda: St. Dominick’s Bridge2,230,616
LH/21/0003Active Travel – Ballymakenny Rd Drogheda438,070
LH/21/0011Active Travel – Ard Easmuinn Rd to Train Station/Friary School & Dundalk Bus Station to Rail Station335,000
LH/21/0005Active Travel – Drogheda: R168 Collon rd, Hill of Rath roundabout and Rosehall roundabout282,132
LH/21/0013Active Travel – Footpath Extensions / Links Package A: Termonfeckin & Cherrybrook281,881
LH/22/0010Active Travel Office – Staff Costs270,000
LH/21/0008Active Travel – Drogheda Dublin and North roads, design263,323
LH/21/0007Active Travel – Drogheda: Boyne Business Park Link Road250,000
LH/21/0009Active Travel – Dundalk: R132 inner Relief Rd250,000
LH/21/0010Active Travel – Dundalk: Inner relief road to Riverside walk Dublin Road R215200,000
LH/22/0006R132 Dublin Road, Dundalk ( Rank Xerox junctions to Green gates )200,000
LH/21/0014Active Travel – Footpath Extensions / Links Package B177,000
LH/21/0012Active Travel – Transport / Mobility Plans175,000
LH/21/0002Active Travel – Drogheda: R132, Bridge of Peace to Train Station (incorporating Marsh Road)170,000
LH/22/0005Cycle and Pedestrian route between College Heights and Tom Bellew Avenue150,000
LH/22/0008Remedial Junction Works Dundalk for improved accessibility150,000
LH/21/0015AOI Measures (Louth)144,930
LH/21/0006Active Travel – Drogheda: Rathmullan Road from Marely’s Lane junction, design144,201
LH/22/0001Two new Pedestrian Crossings at R132 Inner Relief Rd at lain Bridge to Racecourse Road Junction112,500
LH/21/0004Active Travel – Drogheda: Twenties Lane & R166 Termonfeckin Rd, design110,345
LH/22/0002Hoeys Lane (Dublin Road junction to Naughton Close junction)100,000
LH/22/0003Mill St, Dundalk (from the Inner Relief Road junction to Castle Road junction)100,000
LH/22/0004Hill St Bridge (Marshes Lower) to Train Station100,000
LH/22/0007R178 Carrickmacross Road Dundalk100,000
LH/22/0009Moneymore, Drogheda footpaths68,200
LH/22/0011R175 Shore Road and Euston Road, Greenore66,100


LM/21/0003Active Travel – Footpath Package B: Manorhamilton, Kiltyclogher, Kinlough, Drumkeeran490,000
LM/21/0005Active Travel – Footpath Package D415,660
LM/22/0002Rooskey Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme350,000
LM/21/0004Active Travel – Footpath extensions/ Link package C253,146
LM/22/0001Active Travel Office – Staff Costs246,412
LM/21/0006Active Travel – Greenway Package: Manorhamilton, Kinlough, Drumshanbo, Fenagh220,000
LM/21/0002Active Travel – Footpath Package A: New links Drumkeeran, Dromahaire, Tullaghan, Kinlough150,000
LM/22/0005Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes141,132
LM/22/0003Safe Routes to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure100,000
LM/21/0007Active Travel – Greyway Aghoo -Ballinamore: Link from town to Greenway74,319
LM/21/0010Active Travel – Urban Mobility Plans / Network Plans, inc. County Cycle Network Plan Study50,000
LM/22/0006Active Travel Programme Office Cost36,500
LM/21/0001Active Travel – Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge Designs: Manorhamilton and Rooskey25,000
LM/21/0011Light Segregation Cycle Schemes25,000
LM/22/0004Low Cost Permeability Measures25,000


LS/22/0003Footpath Improvement Schemes1,821,000
LS/21/0018Active Travel – Low cost junction tightening / pedestrian crossing schemes490,000
LS/21/0021AOI Measures (Laois)350,000
LS/21/0010Active Travel – N80 Carlow Rd, Stradbally – Footpath Scheme300,000
LS/21/0003Active Travel – Father Browne Avenue Cycle Scheme, Portlaoise235,000
LS/21/0002Active Travel – Triogue Blueway, Portlaoise200,000
LS/21/0017Active Travel – Light Segregation Cycle Schemes200,000
LS/22/0004Active Travel Office – Staff Costs191,000
LS/21/0019Active Travel – Low Cost Permeability Measures159,927
LS/22/0001Portlaoise Local Transport Plan150,000
LS/21/0013Active Travel – Cork Road, Durrow – Footpath Improvement Scheme100,000
LS/21/0020Active Travel – Safe Routes to School Programme – Support Infrastructure100,000
LS/22/0002Timahoe Village Cycle Link100,000
LS/21/0004Active Travel – Beladd Cycle scheme, Portlaoise73,000
LS/21/0006Active Travel – Dublin Road, Portlaoise – Pedestrian, Cycle & Traffic Management Scheme55,000
LS/21/0005Active Travel – Portlaoise Cycle Parking40,000
LS/21/0016Active Travel – Ballyroan road, Abbeyleix – pedestrian and Cycle scheme34,000
LS/21/0011Active Travel – R419 Edenderry Road Portarlington-Footpath Scheme30,753


MN/21/0001Active Travel – Upgrade of Monaghan Town Greenway1,317,799
MN/21/0003Active Travel – Footpath Package A450,000
MN/21/0020Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes253,000
MN/22/0003Active Travel Office – Staff Costs247,530
MN/21/0002Active Travel – Monaghan Town Greenway along the N2190,000
MN/22/0002Monaghan Town Local Transport Plan150,000
MN/21/0007Active Travel – Footpath Package E – Tullyhirm Lane, Coolshannagh, Scotstown Village130,000
MN/21/0008Active Travel – Streetlighting – Ballybay, Clones, Smithboro120,000
MN/21/0024AOI Measures (Monaghan)109,200
MN/21/0014Active Travel – Monaghan Town Ballyalbany Bridge Pedestrian / Cycle Bridge Options106,000
MN/21/0004Active Travel – Footpath Package B100,000
MN/21/0005Active Travel – Footpath Package C100,000
MN/21/0006Active Travel – Footpath Package D – Monaghan Town100,000
MN/21/0009Active Travel – 98th Avenue, Clones100,000
MN/21/0019Active Travel – Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure100,000
MN/22/0004Lough Egish Village100,000
MN/21/0015Active Travel – Pedestrian Crossings – Clones, Iniskeen, Annayalla95,750
MN/22/0001St Tiarnach’s Plaza90,000
MN/21/0013Active Travel – Monaghan Town Horseshoe Bridge Pedestrian / Cycle Bridge Options87,000
MN/22/0005LS-5450 Clontibret Village Footpath62,301
MN/21/0016Active Travel – Dublin Street Regeneration Project Monaghan Town56,000
MN/21/0011Active Travel – Scotshouse Village54,500
MN/21/0010Active Travel – Cycle Lane Ross Road, Carrickmacross50,000
MN/21/0021Active Travel – Light Segregation Cycle Schemes50,000
MN/21/0012Active Travel – Iniskeen Village Pedestrian / Cycle Bridge Options37,625
MN/21/0023Active Travel – Low Cost Permeability Measures Monaghan.15,000


MO/21/0005Active Travel – Footpaths Improvements Package B525,888
MO/21/0007Active Travel – Footpaths Improvements Package D390,538
MO/21/0020Active Travel – Footpath Package E (Islandeady, Turlough, Balla, Crimlin)370,263
MO/22/0030Westport Local Transport Plan(LTP)336,000
MO/21/0003Active Travel – Pedestrian crossings: Ballina, Crossmolina & Aughagower325,362
MO/21/0022Active Travel – Claremount Path and Cycle lane288,798
MO/21/0019AOI Measures (Mayo)279,589
MO/22/0021Active Travel Office – Staff Costs271,000
MO/22/0020Westport Belmullet MD – Footpath Package F: Westport, Newport, Ballycroy and Achill Sound250,000
MO/21/0001Active Travel – Transport / Mobility Plans: Ballina, Castlebar246,964
MO/22/0008Castlebar MD – Footpath Package H_Balla_Kiltimagh Rd221,000
MO/22/0010Castlebar MD – Footpath Package H_Knights Park218,000
MO/21/0021Active Travel -Ballyhaunis GAA pitch extension212,932
MO/22/0002Ballina MD – Footpath Package G: Ridgepool Rd210,000
MO/22/0001Ballina MD – Footpath Package G:Bellek Rd Arch181,000
MO/22/0023Ballina MD – Footpath Package G_Bonniconlon Phase 1170,000
MO/22/0017Claremorris Swinford MD – WalkingCycling Facilities 4(d)_Ballyhaunis160,000
MO/22/0031Westport Belmullet MD – AT Crossings160,000
MO/22/0005Castlebar MD – Footpath Package H_Moneen rd_Hollow Grove to Baxters140,000
MO/21/0013Active Travel – Claremorris new footpath and cycle lane on Chapel lane136,503
MO/22/0026Westport Belmullet MD – Footpath Package F: Belmullet_Shore Rd128,734
MO/22/0024Claremorris Swinford MD – WalkingCycling Facilities 4(a)_Carracastle_PGA120,000
MO/22/0025Westport Belmullet MD — Footpath Package F: Belmullet Junction_L1202120,000
MO/22/0013Castlebar MD – Conversion of Covid Temp Interventions to Perm Layouts_Tucker St118,000
MO/21/0016Active Travel – Light Segregation Cycle Schemes: Claremorris and Castlebar115,617
MO/22/0014Claremorris Swinford MD – Footpath Package J_Swinford100,000
MO/22/0016Claremorris Swinford MD – Footpath Package J_Charlestown100,000
MO/22/0027Westport Belmullet MD – Walking/Cycling Facilities 6(c)_Lodge Rd100,000
MO/21/0004Active Travel – Footpath Package A91,165
MO/22/0004Castlebar MD – Footpath Package H: Hopkins Rd.87,000
MO/22/0019Claremorris Swinford MD – Urban Greenway 5(c)_Swinford80,000
MO/22/0028MOCC_Behavioural Change80,000
MO/22/0029MOCC _ Park and Stride Safety80,000
MO/22/0007Castlebar MD – Footpath Package H_Keelogues Rd77,000
MO/22/0022Westport Belmullet MD – AT Crossings 7(a)_Castlebar and James St75,000
MO/21/0015Active Travel – Low Cost Permeability Measures: Castlebar and Westport70,189
MO/22/0011Castlebar MD – Filtered Permeability Scheme 3(c)_Summerfield62,000
MO/22/0032Active Travel Programme Office Costs60,500
MO/22/0006Castlebar MD – Footpath Package H_Rathbaun Rd57,600
MO/21/0008Active Travel – Moneenbradagh cycling scheme56,962
MO/21/0006Active Travel – Footpaths Improvements Package C54,241
MO/22/0009Castlebar MD – Footpath Package H_Laherdaun54,000
MO/22/0015Claremorris Swinford MD – Footpath Package J_Foxford50,000
MO/22/0018Claremorris Swinford MD – Junction Improvement_Ballyhaunis50,000
MO/21/0011Active Travel – Convent Walk Design40,000
MO/22/0003Ballina MD – Footpath Package G – Attymass Phase 1 Survey and Design40,000
MO/22/0012Castlebar MD – Cycle Parking30,000
MO/21/0010Active Travel – Westport Town signage and road markings upgrade2,867


OY/21/0004Active Travel – Footpaths Improvements Package B: Clara423,525
OY/21/0003Active Travel – Footpaths Improvements Package A: Birr & Crinkill377,894
OY/21/0013Active Travel – Tullamore Urban Greenway Project371,000
OY/22/0005Mucklagh – Brocca Road – Junction/Footpath356,585
OY/21/0008Active Travel – Countywide Pedestrian Crossings319,500
OY/22/0003Birr – Riverside Walk Upgrade Links285,000
OY/22/0008Active Travel Office – Staff Costs271,000
OY/22/0001Edenderry – R402-1 Junction Upgrade252,413
OY/22/0002Tullamore – Collins Lane Junction – Advance Scheme200,000
OY/21/0009Active Travel – Portarlington Active Travel Scheme194,618
OY/22/0004Rhode – Pedestrian Crossings & Footpath185,000
OY/21/0012Active Travel – Light segregation Cycling Scheme: Edenderry182,120
OY/21/0005Active Travel – Edenderry – Hare’s Lane162,038
OY/21/0001Active Travel – Transport / Mobility Plans: Tullamore, Edenderry, Birr, Clara and Banagher146,000
OY/22/0006Shinrone – Cloughjordan Road140,000
OY/22/0007Ballycumber – Upgrade Footpath Links125,000
OY/21/0002Active Travel – Tullamore Cycle Network Phase 1116,000
OY/21/0007Active Travel – Tullamore – Spollenstown Road116,000
OY/21/0011Active Travel – Low Cost Urban Junction (tightening) Schemes: Edenderry & Birr115,000
OY/21/0010Active Travel – Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure: Frederick Street, Clara48,690
OY/21/0006Active Travel – Footpaths Improvements Design Package: Banagher & Cloghan38,000


RN/22/0001Ballaghaderreen Town Development600,000
RN/22/0012Roscommon County Council Active Travel office – Staff costs259,792
RN/22/0015Safe Routes to Schools Programme200,000
RN/22/0004Rooskey Village Project180,000
RN/21/0008Active Travel – Creagh – Shared Cycle/Footpath175,000
RN/22/0002Footpath project in Lecarrow Village150,000
RN/22/0005Cloonfad Village Project150,000
RN/22/0006Roscommon Town Widening Footpaths150,000
RN/21/0019Active Travel – Inter Urban Greyway connection between Drumsna and Jamestown along L1037140,000
RN/22/0003Footpath Project in Croghan Village125,000
RN/22/0007Boyle footpath Project on the Wooden Bridge Road125,000
RN/21/0009Active Travel – Loughglynn Village Centre Pedestrian Improvements120,000
RN/21/0006Active Travel – Cootehall Footpath Link100,000
RN/22/0011South Roscommon Villages Active Travel Scheme100,000
RN/22/0014Knockcroghery Active Travel Scheme100,000
RN/22/0017Bealnamulla, Athlone, Co. Roscommon – New Footpaths100,000
RN/22/0018Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes100,000
RN/22/0008Castlerea Demense80,000
RN/22/0009Tarmonbarry Footpath link from the Village to Whitehall national School80,000
RN/22/0010L7055 Roscommon Town Project70,000
RN/21/0007Active Travel – Athleague – Cycle Lane60,000


SO/22/0002Collooney / Ballysadare Active Travel Projects550,000
SO/21/0007Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes367,000
SO/21/0003Active Travel – New Footpath Schemes B300,000
SO/21/0004Active Travel – New Footpath Schemes C300,000
SO/21/0005Active Travel – Sligo County Council Footpath Improvement Programme300,000
SO/22/0005Active Travel – Staff Costs200,000
SO/22/0015Footpath Improvement Schemes – 2022200,000
SO/22/0016Active Travel Collooney Village – 2022170,000
SO/22/0001Transport Studies/Urban Mobility Plans/Active Travel Network Plans150,000
SO/22/0010Strandhill R292 & R277 Active Travel Scheme150,000
SO/21/0002Active Travel – New Footpath Schemes A – Strandhill, Grange, Carney100,000
SO/22/0003Light Segregation Cycle Schemes100,000
SO/22/0007Permeability Projects100,000
SO/22/0009Western Distributor Road Active Travel linkages to Sligo City100,000
SO/22/0017Newtown Holmes Road Cycle Scheme75,000
SO/22/0004Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure60,000
SO/21/0001Active Travel – Cycle Parking50,000
SO/22/0012Rosses Point Village Road Footpath Scheme50,000
SO/22/0006Clarion Road – Active Travel Facilities45,000


TCC/22/0009Riverstown Active Travel Scheme655,000
TCC/22/0013Tipperary Cahir Cashel MD – Minor Foot Path Scheme650,000
TCC/21/0018Active Travel – Mobility Plans for Nenagh, Thurles and Clonmel617,212
TCC/21/0006Active Travel – New/Improved Pedestrian & Cycle Schemes560,000
TCC/21/0010Active Travel – New Footpaths Package D514,351
TCC/22/0014Bowes Corner Junction Improvement Scheme500,000
TCC/21/0008Active Travel – New Footpaths Package B485,000
TCC/22/0008R445 Nenagh Active Travel400,000
TCC/22/0024Nenagh MD – Minor Footpath Schemes391,000
TCC/22/0015Thurles MD – Minor Footpath Schemes381,000
TCC/22/0007Clonmel MD – Minor Footpath Schemes370,000
TCC/21/0011Active Travel – Footpaths Improvements Package A365,000
TCC/22/0023Carrick on Suir MD – Minor Footpath Schemes361,000
TCC/21/0020Active Travel -Fethard Walkway350,000
TCC/22/0018Tiperary County Council Active Travel office – Staff Costs350,000
TCC/21/0012Active Travel – Footpaths Improvements Package B272,000
TCC/21/0009Active Travel – New Footpaths Package C255,000
TCC/21/0014Active Travel Light Segregation Cycle Schemes250,000
TCC/22/0021Ardfinnan Bridge220,000
TCC/21/0016Active Travel – Low-Cost Permeability Measures210,128
TCC/21/0015Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes204,500
TCC/21/0005Active Travel – N52 Footpath/Cycle track Lighting Scheme160,000
TCC/21/0003Active Travel – Coleville Road Footpath Improvement Scheme150,000
TCC/22/0022Birdhill Active Travel Scheme118,000
TCC/21/0017Active Travel – Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure100,000
TCC/22/0016Clairin Footbridge100,000
TCC/22/0020Cahir Road to Convent Road, Clonmel100,000
TCC/22/0017Carrick on Suir Active Travel Scheme80,000
TCC/21/0004Active Travel – Abbey Rd to Marlfield Footpath Improvement Scheme75,000
TCC/22/0004N24, Cycle Scheme, Clonmel60,000
TCC/22/0005Old Bridge to Suir Blueway, Clonmel50,000
TCC/22/0006Cashel road, Clonmel50,000
TCC/22/0010Ballina Active Travel Scheme50,000
TCC/22/0019Cycle Parking50,000
TCC/22/0012Supervalu Junction , Cahir41,000
TCC/21/0007Active Travel – New Footpaths Package A32,000
TCC/21/0002Active Travel – Irishtown Walking and Cycling Route, Clonmel20,000


WH/21/0003Active Travel – Ardmore Road Footpath and Cycleway, Mullingar1,770,000
WH/21/0002Active Travel – Saunders Bridge, Mullingar770,000
WH/21/0019Active Travel – Low Cost Permeability Measures370,000
WH/22/0001Active Travel Office – Staff Costs240,000
WH/22/0003Athlone Local Transport Plan180,000
WH/21/0001Active Travel – Mullingar Transportation Study (Mullingar Area Based Transport Assessment-ABTA)150,000
WH/21/0016Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes143,007
WH/22/0002Delvin Shared Footpath/Cycle path110,000
WH/21/0010Active Travel – Marlinstown Roundabout to Royal Canal Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements100,000
WH/21/0013Active Travel – Footpath Provision, Moate80,000
WH/21/0014Active Travel – Cycle Parking80,000
WH/21/0015Active Travel – Safe Routes to School55,000
WH/21/0005Active Travel – Dublin Road Footpath and Cycleway40,000
WH/21/0017Active Travel – Light Segregation Cycle Schemes40,000
WH/21/0008Active Travel – National Science Park Junction Improvements30,000
WH/21/0009Active Travel – Sundays Well Road-Lynn Road/Auburn Road- Millmount Junctions Improvements30,000
WH/21/0006Active Travel – Mount Street Lower Pedestrian Interventions25,000
WH/21/0004Active Travel – Harbour Street Footpath and Cycleway20,000
WH/21/0011Active Travel – Assessment and Design of Options for Six Strategic Routes in Athlone20,000
WH/21/0012Active Travel – Lower Road to Curragh/Lissywollen Footpath and Cycle Link10,000
WH/21/0007Active Travel – Grange South to Orbital C-Link Segregated Cycling Facility5,000


WX/21/0003Active Travel – Newtown Road Cycle Scheme, Wexford Town1,000,000
WX/21/0004Active Travel – Monck Street Pedestrianisation Scheme, Wexford Town976,000
WX/21/0002Active Travel – Beechlawn/Clonard Avenue Cycle Scheme, Wexford Town390,000
WX/21/0022Active Travel – Non SRTS School Walking and Cycling Infrastructure382,000
WX/21/0012Active Travel – Light Segregation Cycle Schemes: Including works in Gorey and Wexford Town318,000
WX/21/0013Active Travel – Low Cost Junction Tightening/Pedestrian Crossing Schemes275,000
WX/21/0011Active Travel – Footpath Improvement Schemes250,000
WX/21/0009Active Travel – New Footpaths Package B210,336
WX/22/0002Active Travel Office – Staff Costs209,140
WX/21/0005Active Travel – Rosslare Harbour to Kilraine Cycle Scheme200,000
WX/21/0018Active Travel – Gorey Footpath Improvement Schemes197,000
WX/21/0024Active Travel – Enniscorthy Footpath Improvement Schemes190,000
WX/21/0006Active Travel – R723 Oakland Roundabout to Kents Cross, New Ross – Pedestrian and Cycle Scheme150,000
WX/21/0015Active Travel – Safe to Schools Programme – Support Infrastructure150,000
WX/22/0001Wexford Town Local Transport Plan150,000
WX/21/0019Active Travel – R772 Cycle Scheme121,000
WX/21/0020Active Travel – New Footpaths Package D100,000
WX/21/0023Active Travel – Roxborough Cycle Scheme, Wexford Town100,000
WX/21/0021Active Travel – Pedestrian Improvement Schemes including Works61,000
WX/21/0008Active Travel – New Footpaths Package A46,746
WX/21/0010Active Travel – New Footpaths Package C44,483
WX/21/0014Active Travel – Low-Cost Permeability Measures40,000
WX/21/0007Active Travel – Cycle Repair/Rest Facilities: Kilmore Quay and Hook Head21,296

Others, including university and medical campuses

University Hospital Galway

GUHG/17/0001Cycle parking shelter50,000

Irish Rail

IE/22/0020Heuston Masterplan – Access Infra310,000

St James Hospital

SJH/21/0001Hospital 4 Bike Hub120,000

Trinity College Dublin

TCD/17/0001Bicycle parking in Trinity College Dublin270,000

Tallaght University Hospital

TUH/22/0001Development of secure bike shelters28,444

University College Dublin

UCD/21/0001UCD Road (from Clonskeagh) to Church Roundabout Upgrades26,050
UCD/21/0002Roebuck Rd and Wicket Gate Cycle Link163,500
UCD/21/0003Greenfield Rd Cycle Link56,693
UCD/21/0007University College Dublin Concourse Ramp Accessibility Improvement Works200,000
UCD/22/0004Cycle Parking 2022 Belfield300,000

National Transport Authority

NTA/15/0001Regional Bikes capital costs2,500,000
NTA/21/0001An Taisce – Safe Routes to School – Cycle Parking2,500,000
NTA/13/0018Cycle Design Office1,500,000
NTA/13/0015ND037 – Sustainable Transport Management Grants Technical Advisory1,000,000
NTA/22/0010Bike Week622,858
NTA/22/0011An Taisce – Safe routes to School – Staff Costs600,000
NTA/22/0012An Taisce – Green Schools – Cycle Parking500,000
NTA/13/0009ND025 – Public Bike Schemes1,750

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