Hundreds attend demonstration in support of Dún Laoghaire Living Street plan

Hundreds of people attended a parade on foot and on bicycle today in support of the Dún Laoghaire Living Street Plan, including “three generations of some families,” according to the organisers of the demonstration event.

As reported last month, the Living Streets Dún Laoghaire project was supported by the majority of consultation respondents, with just 35% outright opposed.

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But it is expected that the project will face significant opposition when it comes to a vote at Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s monthly meeting. Local observers expect it to be close and fear how the vote will go because it’s unclear how the majority of councillors will vote.

The event organisers estimated that the number of attendees ranged from around 400 to 500 people. Videos posted to social media showed at least hundreds of attendees at the event.

Cllr Lorraine Hall (FG) said: “What a fantastic turnout for the LivingStreets Parade today. Great to see such strong support for Living Streets locally!”

The Support Living Streets Dun Laoghaire group on Twitter said: “400-500 people turned out for People for #LivingStreets Parade today. Loads of positivity from those involved and from passers-by! Three generations of some families! Hoping councillors vote in favour of these transformative plans.”

The most high-profile part of the project is the pedestrianisation of 220m George’s Street Lower from the junction with Patrick’s Street to St Michael’s Hospital, with deliveries until 11am each day. This will include new paving, greenery, and formal areas for seating.

The second most significant element is modal filters which allow only people walking and cycling to pass. The modal filters are planned on Tivoli Road, Cross Avenue, and Clarinda Park West.

The council has outlined how motoring access will be maintained to all houses around the filters and in the wider area, while the removal of through traffic is to make it safer for people walking, wheeling, and cycling and link with existing and planned routes in the area.

And here’s a video:


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  1. I wonder where the other 450 people were. These photographs show the same 30-50 people in a variety of locations. Nothing like some fraudulent reporting to hype a controversial change that many are opposed to. There are also a large number of people voting in favour of this change, who do not live in DLRCC. Shameful

    • Hi Stephen, the video above clearly shows more than 30-50 people… Will be apologising for your fraudulent comment?


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