Woman cycling killed in rush-hour crash involving truck driver in Dublin

A woman in her 20s who was cycling was killed in a crash involving a truck driver around 8am in Dublin this morning in the Honeypark area of Dun Laoghaire.

The crash happened at the five-way junction of Upper Glenageary Road, Oliver Plunkett Road, Kill Ave, Mounttown Rd Lower, and Highthorn Park.

A spokesperson at the Garda Press Office said: “Gardaí and emergency services attended the scene of a road traffic collision at the junction of the Glenageary Road Upper, Mountown Road Lower and Kill Avenue in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.”

“The incident occurred at around 8am this morning, Wednesday 24th April 2024 when a truck collided with a bicycle. The cyclist, a woman in her 20s, was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital where she later passed away from her injuries.”

The spokesperson said that the road remains closed at this time, and forensic collision investigators are conducting a technical examination of the scene.

The Garda spokesperson added: “Gardaí are appealing for any witnesses to this collision to come forward. Any road users who may have camera footage (including dash-cam) and were travelling in the area are asked to make this footage available to Gardaí.”

Anyone with any information or footage is asked to contact Dun Laoghaire Garda Station on 01 666 5000, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111, or any Garda Station.

Main image: From @LorraineHallFG on Twitter.


    • 3 out of 5 approach roads, and this junction, form part of the scheme for installing bike tracks in the area. The consultation was a couple years ago. Not holding my breath on it. It’s probably a year behind the Upper Glenageary Rd section that is under construction from the Killiney Towers Roundabout to The Sallynoggin roundabout.
      As it stands, this junction is awful, my wife and I for 2 years lived 200 metres from it and used it daily. The murder strip heading north past Tesco towards Monkstown Farm being particularly nasty for speeding drivers looking to race us rather than go behind to turn left. The southbound also tricky due to the left slip to mounttown as well as the narrowness of the junction arising from two lanes for motorists and none for people on bikes.
      Glad not to have to go through there at all these days.

  1. At this point the fact that cycle lanes are painted red is starting to be a very worrying metaphor come to life.

    If cars and trucks can’t even see a great big tram staring them in the face and still hit it what hope has a cyclist.

  2. 15 mins before this happened I saw an older lady getting muscled onto the pavement by a car entering the bike path, approx 100 meters from the crash site.

  3. I cycle through this complex junction a few times per year on my way collect my car from my service garage. Although it is properly signalised I try to pedal through it to match, or exceed, vehicle speeds.
    When coming outbound on Mounttown Road Lr. and heading up Glenageary Road Upr. the sweep-L turn is particularly challenging. Many drivers intending to sweep left just won’t see a bike user at this point so you do have to take primary to protect yourself.
    How many everyday bike users know that this road position is vital to safety?
    The RSA fails to educate drivers about the risk to bike users from fast urban sweep-L/R-turns. An Garda just hands out hi-vis. It’s another reason why I hold that both road safety bodies continue to fail bike users.

    • Thanks Mike. You’re absolutely right about the primary position. I had a (minor) altercation with a van driver heading into town beyond the Lansdowne Road level crossing. Traffic had built up waiting for trains to pass. There was a row of parked cars on the LHS of the road, if I didn’t take primary I’d be stuck behind them waiting for angry motorists to speed by. I have panniers and my balance is tricky so didn’t want to risk trying to indicate out to pass the parked cars. So I took the primary position. At the lights intersecting Shelbourne road I was taking a right so needed to be central. A van driver overtook me, close, on the inside. I wobbled as he passed and as he pulled up to the red I told him it was really intimidating to pass someone on a bike so close, especially when we were both going to have to wait at a red. He said the usual You shouldn’t be in the middle of the road blah blah. All drivers need to understand why cyclists have to take primary position sometimes. If he’d just respected that and held back behind me, we wouldn’t have had a stressful conversation and I’d have felt safer. It’s dreadful that young woman died that way, such a beautiful life cut short for absolutely no reason. Her family must be devastated.


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