In print: Potential story list

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Bellow is our potential article list for the Cycling in Dublin newspaper, Summer 2013 edition. UPDATED to include suggestions.

Do you have any fresh ideas? What issue should we cover? Do you have any suggestions on how we best cover the below potential articles? Please comment below, email, post on our Facebook account, or send a tweet to @cyclingindublin.

Stories may be dropped, shortened, bulked-up or otherwise changed depending a range of issues including reader feedback giving us better ideas, what information is available before going to print, space issues, and getting the right mix of articles to interest a range of readers.

As much as is practically possible, the people involved will be interviewed and the aim will be to get as many sides of the story as possible to give you the best picture of the issues.

Here’s the list so-far:

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Royal Canal Greenway design puts users at “increased risk”

– Report says design likely to increase pedestrian and cyclist conflicts 

The current view of the M50 crossing (Image: Royal Canal Feasibility Report )
The current M50 crossing — pictured above — will be narrowed. (Image: Royal Canal Feasibility Report )

Transport minister Leo Varadkar says engineers assure him designs of a section of the Dublin to Galway cycle route are safe, despite a consultant’s report highlighting increased risk between cyclists and walkers.

“The designs are the responsibility of the engineers who assure me that the proposed routes adhere to safety standards,” said Minister Varadkar.

But safety problems with how the Royal Canal Greenway route crosses the M50 – linking Varadkar’s West Dublin constituency with Dublin City – were identified in a report by planning consultants Atkins.

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