8 people killed in collisions while cycling on Irish roads in 2019

Eight people lost their lives while cycling on Irish roads in 2019, according to a record of Garda press releases as reported by this website.

According to data published on the Garda website — for up to 9am on December 31 — there has been an increase to 148 deaths across all road users, which is six more deaths than the previous year. As well as eight cyclists, the deaths also included 27 pedestrians, 79 drivers, 15 passengers, 17 motorcyclists, and two pillion passengers.

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The number of deaths of people cycling is down one compared to the previous year. Comparing this to records of collisions per year in recent decades, it is lower than the 20 year average of 10 deaths, and just under the 10 year average of 9 deaths per year.

Six of the eight fatal collisions which involved the deaths of people cycling last year were in rural areas. The avergae age of those killed was around 44-years-old, ranging from a 9-year-old child to people in their 70s.

Car drivers represented the highest number (3) of other types of road users involved in these collisions where a person cycling died — the rest of the collisions involved a van driver, a truck driver, a truck which was reportedly parked at the time, a tram driver and a collision with no other road user other than the cyclist who died.

The eight collisions with cycling fatalities were:

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