Why do detail at junctions matter?

COMMENT AND ANALYSIS: Why do details at junctions matter? And why do I keep ranting on about junction design? Once you segregate cycle paths, the main safety issues happen at junctions.

Back in March 2021, I covered the differences between Dutch-style vs Dublin-style protected junctions, and then took a more detailed look at the first Dublin-style junction in March 2022.

And the flawed Dublin-style design also featured a lot in the detailed look at the first BusConnects route submitted to An Bord Pleanála.

The redesign of the below junction, on Lombard Street, started as a Dublin-style junction… it’s not really one now. But it’s an example of authorities adding a fix to a flawed design, doing so really slowly and still apparently not addressing most of the issues people had with it.

If anything, the second redesign at Lombard Street might be worse:

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