‘Rate My Signals’ allows Dublin City residents to report traffic lights issues

Dublin City Council has gone live with its ‘Rate My Signals’ reporting tool which allows people to log traffic light issues such as long waiting time, not enough green time to clear a junction, or traffic lights systems not detecting bicycles.

The map-based tool, which IrishCycle.com reported on in February, is now available to use at: ratemyservice.eu/TrafficSignalFeedback.

Dublin City Council said: “The Traffic Control team in DCC’s Civics office will use the analytics generated from the feedback to improve how they operate the City’s traffic signals. This is done by more efficiently calibrating DCC’s traffic signals to support multiple road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists.”

The council added: “It is also done by introducing initiatives to improve accessibility at junctions for vulnerable road users such as children, older people, people with disabilities, or those with additional accessibility requirements.”

Funding was provided by the BE-GOOD project, part of EU’s Interreg North-West Europe programme.

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