12-year-old knocked off bicycle by motorist on Dublin city centre dual carriageway

A 12-year-old teenage boy was knocked off their bicycle in a collision with a motorist on the dual carriageway section of Dolphins Barn in Dublin last night.

The section of the road is inside of canals, in Dublin City Centre, but is a dual carriageway with three lanes in one direction and two in the other. The number of lanes includes bus lanes in both directions, but there is no dedicated space for cycling, only bicycle markings in the bus lane.

The recently released plans for junctions along the Grand Canal does not include any redesign of the junction close to the point near the collision. Other junctions are to be redesigned.

The Garda Press Office said: “Gardaí received report of a road traffic collision between a vehicle and a cyclist that occurred in Dolphins Barn, Dublin 8 on Thursday, 13th October 2022 at approximately 19:30.”

The spokesperson added: “No damage was caused to the vehicle and no injuries were reported.”


  1. Hopefully, and unlike the case of the taxi driver, this toerag will get a serious custodial sentence. If so, it should be splashed across all print and social media in order to act as a deterrent. Hard to know what “further investigations” the Gardaí need to do given the incriminating video!

  2. In case anyone not familiar with this area might think a child has no right being on a “Dual-Carriageway” I will explain. I know the area intimately. It has tens of thousands of children all over it in e.g. Dolphin House (approx 18 large blocks of flats), Theresa’s Gardens (approx.10 blocks) and many both social and private housing schemes. It is the most populated area in Ireland. That road is literally these kids’ front road, adjacent to where they live. DCC have moral duty to create safe environment for them, but is failing that duty, in my opinion.

    • Hi Charlie, I’d agree with everything you said there — stressing the point that it’s a dual carriageway inside the canals should exactly make people think like you are. Space could easily be reallocated here.

  3. “No damage was caused to the vehicle ”

    I’m sorry…. What?! What?! Have you lost your friggin mind?

    How is it that damage to the car is the thing being discussed? What about the damage to the 14 year old?! You backwards clowns!


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