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Readers: IrishCycle.com needs your support to keep growing and reaching more people

Behind IrishCycle.com: Subscribers — who are readers like you — pay monthly to keep IrishCycle.com going and growing.

After hovering just under 300 active subscribers for a few months, the number is now hovering around 300-301 subscribers.

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The first full year of running IrishCycle.com as a reader-funded website has seen a large jump in page views and visitors — from just under 370,000 views to just under 570,000 views.

The business model of IrishCycle.com, like any open-access reader/listener-funded media, was always based on just a small percentage of the baseline readership subscribing. But a higher level is needed.

Possibly due to the cost of living crisis and similar factors, the current 300 subscribers is 50 fewer than expected at this stage.

Monthly, the number of views and visitors can vary largely (ie when a story has wider appeal or it can be a matter of luck who shares a link), but readership is also trending upwards:

The following shows IrishCycle.com has almost daily updates throughout the year: Light green = 1-2 articles / darker = 3+ articles.

The target is 1-2 articles a day, with a preference to wait and get detail right rather than hit the target always.

If you can, please consider subscribing today at ko-fi.com/irishcycle/tiers

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