Royal Canal Greenway delayed until July 2023 due to ESB high voltage cable added to project

Construction of the Royal Canal Greenway Phase 4 is to be been delayed until July 2023, Dublin City Council said in a report to councillors.

Phase 4 of the project is from Phibsborough to the border with Fingal County Council — the section is relatively straightforward but was brought back to the planning stage in 2020 to widen a section shared with motorist access to a small number of houses and properties.

Most of the Dublin City Council section of the greenway was approved by councillors in 2015, but it has continuously run into issues delaying the project, with timelines for the start of construction slipping a large number of times. understands that the issues include complications with Waterways Ireland and Irish Rail and issues with tenders.

The Quarterly Report of the Active Travel Programme Office for September 2022, said: “The project will deliver 4.3km of cycling facilities and 4.3km of walking facilities along the Royal Canal, from Cross Guns Bridge (Phibsborough Road) to the city boundary at Ashtown. The need to incorporate ESB High Voltage Transmission infrastructure into the project though necessary has resulted in significant delays to the project. As a result, construction is now scheduled to commence in Q3 2023.”

According to the report and the also Monthly Managment Report for October, the Royal Canal Phase 3, the 2.1km section of the route between Newcomen Bridge at North Strand Road to Cross Guns Bridge at Phibsborough Road is still scheduled to commence in Q4 2022 and take two years to complete.

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