Q10: Image question on contra-flow without lanes

For the 2013 Cycling in Dublin the newspaper, we surveyed Dublin’s TDs and councillors to get an overview of politicians’ opinions on cycling; here we publish extra details with analysis by Cian Ginty and Colm Moore. Results should be read in the context set out across the following pages:

  • Q10: Image question on contra-flow without lanes SUR contra-low FULL TEXT: 10. Pictured above is a low-speed one-way residential street in Phibsborough where cyclists are allowed to travel in both directions. It is only used on a few streets in Dublin but the design is more widely used in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Would you support wider use of this design across Dublin on low-speed residential and shopping streets?

    The response options were limited to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and an open-ended response field was included (see below).

    Results Q10 Open-ended comments

    Of the respondents to this question, 7.4% left open-ended comments. These are unedited as follows:

    • This street seems quite narrow and congested for all proposed users (especially 2 way cycle traffic). Agreement would have to be sought from local residents and all alternative routes explored before proceeding with same.
    • Too dangerous as it does not allow for a car to swerve in the event of a young child running out onto the road
    • I think two-way streets for cyclists will encourage more cyclists as it makes the journey more time efficient and as a regular/daily cyclist from experience I don’t believe it is unsafe due to the speed cyclists travel at.
    • It looks dangerous street is not wide enough in my opinion
    • To dangerous for other road users
    • I wouild support but don’t think it os very clear
    • This design works well for everyone. The road is too narrow of cars to go two ways but there is plenty of room for cyclists to go two ways. Research shows that it’s just as safe for bike to go against the flow of traffic as it is to go with the flow of traffic, so there is no safety issues, but it makes journeys much more efficient for cyclists.
    • Mixed messages
    • Too dangerous

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