Q8: What is their vision for cycling in Dublin?

For the 2013 Cycling in Dublin newspaper, we surveyed Dublin’s TDs and councillors to get an overview of politicians’ opinions on cycling; here we publish extra details with analysis by Cian Ginty and Colm Moore. Results should be read in the context set out across the following pages:

  • Q8: What is their vision for cycling in Dublin?

    While 59 of the respondents reply to the last question, only 44 of those responded to this open-ended and optional question where respondents were simply asked “What is your vision for cycling in Dublin?”

    Generally, individual responses was not a focus of this survey as the aim get an overall picture of the views of politicians. This question is an exception given vision is a personal perspective and so the names of all respondents were attached.

    Here are the responds in full:

    • Supportive and encouraging of new cyclists as possible by implementing a system based on best international practice. Cyclists should be considered and consulted in all planning decisions in the city” – Cllr Dessie Ellis (SF)
    • Improved infrastructure, increased number of cyclists and enforced rules of the road – Kevin Humphreys, TD (LAB)
    • That children can use cycle tracks with minimal supervision – Cllr John Lahart (FF)
    • To make Dublin a safe city to cycle in. Also with bike theft such a major problem DCC should provide secure parking bays for bikes. – Cllr Pat Dunne (ULA)
    • More connectivity across Dublin and more leisure cycle routes for people of all ability. – Cllr Cormac Devlin (FF)
    • NB: The Kissing Gates are a nuisance for cyclists. The Grand Canal Cycleway has a separate exit where the cyclist need not dismount the bike but can enter a narrow opening to get through which still prevents motorcyclists horses etc from getting through. I would like to see and have advocated as a public representative the strongest support for even the most modest of bicycle proposal. All roads should be cycle friendly. A simple white line and a stencil of a bicycle painted on the road should be done on all roads to alert drivers to the presence of cyclists and to provide a sense of assurance and welcome to cyclist to use the roads. ‘Top of the range’ cycleways for recreational cyclists are important but expensive and in straitened times, difficult to provide on a grander scale. Therefore my previous recommendation of more simple lane demarcations on existing roads should be pursued by all the Councils in the Dublin area.” – Cllr Éamonn Walsh (FF)
    • More cycle paths – Aengus O Snodaigh TD (SF)
    • Greater safety; more facilities and supports in the workplace. – Cllr Donal Marren (FG)
    • A porous city centre, encouraging those who live in the area to cycle, and encouraging cyclists to live in the area, with adequate cycle routes so that cyclists are not forced to choose between taking a long one-way route designed for cars or else taking an illegal route on a footpath or illegally going against the flow of a one-way street. – Cllr Kieran Binchy (FG)
    • Enforcement of Road Traffic Act to apply to all cyclists and a Road Tax element to be introduced for cyclists. – Cllr Mick Duff (LAB)
    • Cycling should form a central part of a largely car-free city centre and a safer, cleaner, friendlier city overall. – Cllr Mícheál Mac Donncha (SF)
    • Making it easy to enjoy cycling for all ages, increasing commuting to work on bikes, opening up our natural amenities (parks, riverbanks, canalsides, coast, mountain trails) to shared recreational uses (jogging, cycling, picnicking etc) – Cllr Oisin Quinn (LAB)
    • I would like to see it similar to other European Cities – Cllr Mary McCamley (LAB)
    • I would like to see car users more aware of cyclists. I would like to see better upgrade of cycle lanes and in fact more cycle lanes. – Cllr Anne-Marie Dermody (FG)
    • Natural safe Option for anyone who can – Cllr Guss O’Connell (independent)
    • To have equal rights in line with motorists and be safe – Cllr Pamela Kearns (LAB)
    • Greater use of the canal network and increased CCTV on areas where bikes are stored – Cllr David McGuinness (FF)
    • As someone who has cycled very frequently over the last ten years I am very supportive of measures that will improve conditions for cyclists. These of course have to be balanced with the needs of pedestrians and motorists – Cllr Cian O’Callaghan (LAB)
    • Make Dublin and County a cycle friendly city. – Cllr Carrie Smyth (LAB)
    • As someone who has only started cycling again for the first time in fifteen years, I think we need to ensure that the city becomes a much more cycle-friendly place – Cllr Ray McAdam (FG)
    • A city where a cyclist is view with the same respect as any other commuter. A cycling city – where the city life inspires you to take up cycling. – Aodhán O Ríordáin TD (LAB)
    • Sutton to Sandycove is a great idea – Cllr Tom Murphy (FF)
    • Respect and recognition for safety for cyclists for themselves and for motorists and a massive invest in cycling infrastructure over the coming years. – Cllr Hugh Lewis (PBPA)
    • Road space designed with cyclists in mind, i.e. dedicated space for cyclists and traffic signals that bear them in mind – where this is not possible, alternative off-road/separate cycle lanes/routes. – Cllr Barry Ward (FG)
    • Accessible to all and convenient – Cllr Anne Devitt (independent)
    • The Dublin City Bike Scheme extended to to other Local Authority areas which encourages many people to cycle as a means of transport and thus increasing cycling generally. – Cllr Lettie Mc Carthy (LAB)
    • I would love to see Dublin City embrace cycling as other European cities do but I think we need to make it a safer city to cycle in and also to invest in better cycle paths. – Cllr Criona Ní Dhálaigh (SF)
    • Cycling needs to be encouraged more and more, but safety has to be the key concern. – Cllr Darragh Butler (FF)
    • A city where cycling is safe, and an attractive transport option for most people. – Cllr Michael O’Sullivan (LAB)
    • Safe designated areas – Cllr Vincent Jackson (independent)
    • We need to expand it – Cllr Chris Bond (LAB)
    • Normalise cycling as a transport option, removed barriers to cycling and ensure standards in cycling infrastructure are as high as other infrastructure. – Cllr Padraig McLoughlin (LAB)
    • More cycle lanes. Further extension of city bikes. – Cllr Larry O’Toole (SF)
    • To make Dublin a place where bikes are the normal way of travelling rather than the exception where cyclists can be sure their bike will be where they left it when they come back – Cllr Gerry Horkan (FF)
    • Increase cycling as a mode of transport to levels seen in other cities. This will involve major expansion in Dublin Bikes scheme and ensuring that policy favours expansion of increase in road space for cyclists. – Cllr Ruairi McGinley (FG)
    • Increase the availability of cycling in Dublin and Fingal, particularly with a view to attracting more tourists to consider cycling as part of their visits to Dublin/Fingal – Cllr Tom O’Leary (FG)
    • Promoting a city and county where cycling is treated as both a genuine transport option and leisure amenity through public and planning support. – Cllr Dermot Looney (LAB)
    • Safe for all and mannerly to all – Cllr Dermot Lacey (LAB)
    • That we can make it safer and that we encourage commuting by building the S2S – Cllr Patricia Steward (FG)
    • A major shift in transportation use away from unsustainable modes and towards walking and cycling – much greater priority to cycling safety – Cllr Richard Humphreys (LAB)
    • And Sutton To Sandycove way on the coastline – Cllr  Niamh Bhreathnach (LAB)
    • My vision is to emulate the great cycling cities in Europe such as Amsterdam, Utrecht or Copenhagen. Cities where cycling is a pleasure and not a battle. Where cycling is a normal day to day activity for all ages and for both men and women. Cycling shouldn’t require people to wear special clothes or to have special equipment. It should be a relaxed and social experience that people can enjoy. – Cllr Andrew Montague (LAB)
    • I see many people cycling to work and also for pleasure. I very much welcome cyclists – Mary Mitchell O’ Connor TD (FG)
    • I’d love to see Dublin similar to Amsterdam when it comes to cycling. More and more popular with all ages and hopefully it’ll take cars off the road. – Cllr Anthony Connaghan (SF)

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