Q7a: Support by level of cycling in last 12 months

For the Cycling in Dublin newspaper, we surveyed Dublin’s TDs and councillors to get an overview of politicians’ opinions on cycling; here we publish extra details with analysis by Cian Ginty and Colm Moore. Results should be read in the context set out across the following pages:

  • Q7a: Support by level of cycling in last 12 months

    The overall level of support for cycling measures is covered on the last page, below the level of support for the same measures is broken down by how often the respondents cycled in the last 12 months. The results overall varied little to the overall picture and also varied little across the ranges of how often people cycled.

    One of the main differences was the level of support for barriers such as kissing gates. It was very mixed. The bulk of those who had not cycled in the past 12 months were neutral, possibly showing a lack of knowledge of such barriers. Those who counted them self as cycling “Infrequently” and “Frequently” were also largely neutral (~50% in both cases, but a more pronounced “very unsupportive” show for the latter).

    Very frequent cyclists were strongly against barriers with nearly 60% against them and less than 20% supportive, this could be a reflection of how disruptive barriers are to daily cyclists, but nearly 60% of “Very infrequently” bracket also disliked the barriers (a similar split between unsupportive and very unsupportive with both groups) — so it’s unclear how the level of cyclist influences support.

    Another notable difference was that while the majority of all groups who have cycled in the last 12 months supported Dutch or Danish style cycle paths (even if it sometimes means removing traffic lanes or parking), just over 50% of those who did not cycle remained neutral. Here is the full the breakdown of the results: Politicians’ views on cycling in Dublin by how much they cycled in last 12 months (PDF) and charted by group: Very frequently (daily or close to daily): support-very-frequently Frequently (at least once a week): support-frequently   Infrequently (once a month): support-infrequently Very infrequently (at least once a month): support-very-frequently Never: support-none-cyclists


    – Cian Ginty

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