Q5-Q6: Do Dublin politicians cycle?

For the 2013 Cycling in Dublin newspaper, we surveyed Dublin’s TDs and councillors to get an overview of politicians’ opinions on cycling; here we publish extra details with analysis by Cian Ginty and Colm Moore. Results should be read in the context set out across the following pages:

  • Q5-Q6: Do Dublin politicians cycle?

    FULL TEXT: Which one of these best describes how often you have cycled in Dublin in the last 12 months?

    Do you cycle


    The majority of politicians who responded have cycled in the last 12 months. Dublin-wide, 35.9% of the politicians who responded said they cycled frequently, another 34.3% cycled infrequently, and 29.7% never cycled in Dublin in this time-frame.

    The above differs from area to area, as shown below.

    It’s again worth noting that the Fingal data is on the low side, but it’s also not unexpected that the council area with the most spread out population and low

    cycled by area

    Where have they cycled?

    Out of those who have cycled in the last 12 months, the respondents who said they cycled on a busy road matches the amount who said they cycled on a quite road (both 72.7%).

    Just shy of 50% cycled in Dublin city centre, although this is not unexpected given the spread of where councillors are based — this increases to 57.1% among city councillors alone.

    how cycled

    – By Cian Ginty

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