’s coverage of cycling in Ireland in 2020

YEAR-IN-REVIEW: Most people were thankful to say good bye to 2020. In case you want to look back at some of’s articles from the past year, below are lists of articles including the top read ones and ones which might have been missed.

It was a mixed year for cycling in the country overall, with more people cycling and more funding promised for cycling. But, while COVID-19 mobility projects gained traction in different parts of Dublin, the simplest of measures were ripped out in Limerick and Cork is still waiting for significance action, with some signs of hope. Little or noting at all happened in other areas. Only time will tell if 2021 will bring wider success or mainly just more public consultation.

There’s now more inspiration out there than ever before from success stories and more people battling on, facing of the apparent unwavering status quo. Let’s hope 2021 is the year where we see more positive movement against the status quo of car-dominated streets and roads.

Top 20 most viewed articles of 2020

  1. Cycle to Work tax assistance increases to €1,250 and €1,500 for pedal assist electric bicycles
  2. Ireland’s longest off-road cycle route is open: Over 100km between Maynooth and Athlone 
  3. First look at the proposed coastal two-way cycle path in Dublin’s Sandymount 
  4. 7 reasons mandatory helmets are not a good idea for Mayo greenways 
  5. Department of Education to reopen its Cycle to Work scheme on June 8
  6. €120 fine and 3 penalty points for another Irish motorist unwilling to give cyclists space
  7. Royal Canal Greenway between Docklands and North Strand Road to open in May 
  8. Gardai nab reckless motorists going so fast they didn’t see high visibility speed enforcement 
  9. Dublin driver gets points for sideswiping cyclist
  10. Galway City Ring Road: A 20th Century solution to a 21st Century problem
  11. New no cycling signs in Dublin park leads to 4-year-old “left in tears” after adults shouts at him
  12. Kerry Co Co planning detour from approved greenway due to business on old railway line
  13. VIDEO: Bicycle theft using angle grinder in broad daylight in the Dublin Docklands
  14. Dublin to get coastal cycle route after large majority support Sandymount trial
  15. An Bord Pleanála deny climate impact of new Dublin dual carriageway 
  16. Garda Sergeant doesn’t see issue with truck driver blaring horn, not slowing down before close passing bicycle 
  17. Ireland’s climate minister argues against walking and cycling funding 
  18. Programme for government set to bring Ireland to Dutch level of cycling funding
  19. Cycling campaigners “exasperated” at examples of “bullying and intimidation” by Dublin Bus drivers 
  20. Months later, Gardaí yet to view video of motorist knocking man off his bicycle

6 suggestions of action which can still be taken in 2021

A pick of 10 other articles you might have missed in 2020

While we’re at it, here’s another 10…

Just in case you’re still on holidays, here’s another 10…

Articles from previous years which keep getting read

  1. How to bring bicycles on public transport
  2. Child carrying options 
  3. Gardai warn bikes with petrol engines attached are low-powered motorcycles 
  4. 6 reasons bicycle helmets shouldn’t be any government’s policy 
  5. When a cycle lane does more harm than good 
  6. Starting to cycle on Irish streets? Here’s our top 12 safety tips 
  7. 8 things people say about cyclists which shows an irrational problem with cycling
  8. Is Dublin a low density city? 
  9. How to request CCTV from Dublin Bus using GDPR 
  10. Cyclists don’t have to use cycle lanes new legislation confirms
  11. Why I cycle in the middle of the road and I hate it 
  12. Dublin’s Eastern Bypass motorway route moved beside homes without public consultation 
  13. Car use amounts to ~13% of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions
  14. You can cycle in the “centre of the road”, says revised Rules of the Road 
  15. Massive Blanchardstown road interchange upgrade mixes cycling and walking
  16. DATA IN IMAGES: Cars in Dublin City Centre
  17. The time I cycled the long way from Amsterdam Schiphal to Utrecht on a cheap Chinese rental bike
  18. 6 problem areas with cycling in Ireland today and the solutions 
  19. Here’s how the Netherlands deals with bicycle / train commuting… 
  20. IMAGES: How Dutch bicycles are designed to carry what people need 

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